How connect Astell kern Futura SE100 to NAIM DAC?

I just bought an Astell Kern Futura SE100 and can not figure out to connect to my NAIM DAC

Does any one have a solution?

Thank you in advance



I’m not sure whether the Astell & Kern Futura SE100 has an s/pdif output on it. It would need this in order to connect to the DAC. Is there a docking station or similar from A&K that will provide this?

On my AK70, the headphone socket doubles as an optical out and I successfully managed to play it through the NDAC optical input. You do need the right optical cable with the headphone jack instead of the usual Transformers type plastic cube. Not sure if the Futura is similarly equipped.

My AK Junior has a USB output, and a “setting” allowing connection to an external DAC. Does the Futura have anything similar?

I don’t think you can do this, as the NDAC USB input won’t support it. Maybe it would work with a USB to SPDIF converter. Better to stick to the optical connection if the A&K has one. That should be fine up to 24/96, maybe 24/192 if you’re lucky.

I think I’ve given a “bum steer”…when I re-read the AK Jnr. user manual it looks like there’s only USB input, not output. This is despite the AK Jnr. setting being “Connect to External DAC”.


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