How could I make this a better picture



I’d have taken it from a lower angle, looking slightly up at the head, I think.

This image is textbook. Although why would anyone want to look at it ?
I learnt how to draw perspective. Looking at form and it’s relation to space and negative space. We all look at it, although few really understand it. Much more than a vanishing point.
Similarly with photography and understanding composition and the Fibonacci rule. Although great images are often those that question what we are looking at and how we are looking.

I’d make it better by putting it on the wall above a naim system, sticking some kick ass music on, sitting down and allowing the music to ‘reframe’ it.


I’d have probably done this. A yacht in the background would have nice or a bird flying across


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Sample crop.jpg

That’s the best cropping.

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That’s all I would suggest. Standard aspect ratio is usually uninteresting. I like Tony’s crop. I think it is better than a “rule of thirds” crop. Which is only a rule that is there to figure out how to break in interesting ways.

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