How do I add Tidal to Uniti Star?

Thinking I might be a dumbo with this question, but after trawling around for ages, I cant seem to find an easy solution. My Uniti Star is two years old, with up to date firmware & wired to my home network. I’m sure there must be a way to add Tidal wirelessly, so any pointers would be gratefully received.

Thanks for any/all help!!

You need to sign up for a Tidal account on their website so that you have a login and password. Then open the Tidal input on the Star and sign in with the same details. If you don’t see a login page appear, go to Settings > Input Settings > Tidal and do it from there.

Thanks, I get that bit but there is no Tidal icon on my unit, only Spotify, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, etc.

I’ve already opened trial account, so good to go from that point of view.

Thanks again.

Are you looking at the app, not the front panel? If it’s not visible in the app, you may need to enable Tidal in the settings menu.

Yes I’m looking at app on an Android phone (and also on iPad), but unable too see Tidal on Uniti Star front panel. What to do next?!? :thinking:

As I said above, you may need to enable Tidal in Input Settings on the app.
Another possibility is that perhaps you didn’t notice there are more inputs than are visible on the home screen of the app. In which case, swipe from right to left to see more.
Forget the front panel display, you need to use the app.

OK, reinstalled app, rebooted phone & now all working fine.

Thanks once again for your assistance (and sorry for trying your patience).

Happy listening!!

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