How do I change internet radio station web address?

Since some days ago, Audophile Baroque is changing to another web page. Does anybody know how to change it in the Naim app, or it is made automatically?
Victor (Madrid)

I assume this is an internet radio station. It is possible that you would get more replies if you were to delete this thread and start again with a new title, maybe something like “Internet radio - how to change web address in Naim app?” Otherwise maybe ask @Richard.Dane to change the thread name.if you don’t get replies.

I’ve modified the thread title for you.

Hola, victormf, bienvenidos al foro de Naim.

Was Audiophile Baroque a station you added yourself, if thats the case you need to do that again for the new URL.
Naim’s web radio service called iRadio is provided by vTuner. Looking on Naim iRadio listings this morning I don’t see Audiophile Baroque anywhere either in Spain or Germany. If it was there before & its not now, then vTuner need to make that change. I’m not sure if Naim need to request that or you must wait for it to be done in due time by vTuner.

Audiophile are a series of internet radios based in Athens, Greece. They use 320 Kbs and have two classical stations (baroque, classical), and others for jazz, rock, etc. Music without words all day long. I’ll try to connect again and let you know.

I’ve found Audiophile Baroque located in Greece on Naim app iRadio, but it’s silent or maybe it just won’t load for some reason.
Problem is iRadio (vTuner) is very slow this morning, it takes a long time to load & play & when I try to browse around I’ve had the spinning wheel of death a few times, so today is not a good day for looking working on iRadio.

At log in with your streamer’s MAC address to create an account, then you can manually add any internet radio stream manually at this screen:



I would not be signing into anything and creating an account using http.

I do. Throwaway email address, random password generator. Life’s too short. :slight_smile:


I just checked those two stations in the vtuner directory and they are both working as mp3 streams.

Browse to Location->Europe->Greece->All Stations.

I’ve attached a screenshot of them in that list.

Vtuner have systems to detect when stations change their backend systems and break url’s, however it can get fooled if they put an out of service message on the old url. Once Vtuner know of a breakage it’s typically less than 24hrs to get a new link into the system, assuming the station haven’t done something crazy on stream format.


Steve Harris
Software Director

Thank you very much! Just yesterday the NAIM Uniti streamed again without problems the Audiophile stations. Wonderful sound!

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