How do I clear the UPnP catalogue from NDX?

I recently purchased a 2nd hand NDX and reset to factory settings before setting up for my own use. To my surprise, I discovered that the UPnP music catalogue of the previous owner still survives in the NDX. The only way I can avoid this clutter when searching for my own content is to set the search mode to ‘Folder’ in the Naim app. How do I remove this historical catalogue so only titles actually on my QNAP are displayed?

Help for a newbie is much appreciated.

Hi Garth, welcome to the forum & hope you like your ‘new’ NDX.
The NDX does not have the ability to store previous UPnP stuff & I’m struggling to understand what you are seeing.
Is this something you see in the Naim app ??? I’ve had a look at my NDX & all I can imagine if the previous owner had playlists, I don’t have these so can’t advise how to delete them, but I would have thought a Factory Reset would have done that.
If its the same as clearing a now playing screen track, on the app screen, touch the track & swipe to the left then touch delete.
Or maybe try clearing the cache(s) ?? … go to the app screen … Tools (the gearwheel in to right corner) >Input Settings>UPnP>Clear Cache, then to Other Settings>Clear Image Cache

Is there a tiny usb stick in the front panel socket far left?!

Where exactly do you see these files? If they are visible within the UPnP input they must be on a UPnP server that the NDX can see. Perhaps there was some info from the last owners library still cached on the NDX, but this would only be metadata, not actual music files.
What UPnP server are you running on your QNAP?

@Mike-B @robert_h @ChrisSU, Thanks all for your prompt replies. I should have been clearer in my post that I am only seeing metadata, and no files are accessible. I’ve cleared the cache (thanks Mike for instructions), however, I am still seeing the album and artist lists so I have looked deeper into the NAS content. Lo and behold, buried in the ‘deleted items’ folder of a copy of a very old family PC I’ve found iTunes archives for my two long since left home children!
I assume the reason that I can see the metadata but not the files is that the files are in the deleted items folder? Thinking that the files weren’t on the NAS lead me down a deep rabbit hole.
Regards, Garth

… ahh OK, iTunes strikes again.
Happy it’s sorted

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