How do I connect Bravia/SN3?

I have a very old home cinema surround system that I either bin and replace or I make use of my current Naim system (without surround) SN3, NDX2 and Kanta 2s. My Sony Bravia is a 2017 49" but I have no idea how to connect it to my SN3.

Grateful for any pointers, thanks.

If your TV has a toslink optical output, use that. Get a suitable length cable from amazon or similar. A Topping DAC (unless you have a DAC already) will then provide an analogue signal to your lovely SN3.

Cheers, no DAC but do I need one? Will check for an optical link.

Yes to the DAC, but no need to spend silly money. Topping make great little DACs.
Or if the TV has stereo RCA line outs, you can go direct to your amp

Aye, it’s got RCA outputs so I can go straight to the amp?

Or you could go digital out on the Sony TV into the NDX2 digital in using the appropriate digital cable.


I’ve got a long digital cable somewhere but won’t I need a DAC as well as Neil has said?

The ndx2 has digital inputs so you can route other sources like the tv through it.


I’m glad you mentioned this because I had a little voice going off in the back of my head about this. So can I run the tv through that then?

Cable ordered, thanks for your help chaps. I’ve always kept tv and music separate, irrational fear about interference etc but I’ll see how I get on.

Yes, but make sure to set the tv optical output to stereo pcm. It might be capable of sending surround sound formats which won’t be supported by the ndx2, you’ll just get static otherwise.


Roger that, thanks.

I connect my Sony Bravia over Toslink to NDX optical input, then NDX analogue to Supernait.
Supernait + NDX is controlled over System Automation with either iPad Naim app or Narcom remote.
SQ is OK, good in most broadcasts, better with DVD/Blueray.
Just watched & listened to Les Mis, far better than TV sound.

Apologies Spleen, I didn’t realise you already had a suitable streamer. Didn’t read your post accurately…Yes, that DAC is ideal as others have suggested.

No probs, thanks for your help earlier.

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Hmm, got a big fat nothing. Connected digital optical audio out from tv to Digital 1 on the NDX2 and despite fiddling with settings - silence. I’m just wondering how compatible my tv is with the streamer.

The only settings I had for the optical out and I tried all 3:

Any thoughts?

PCM setting is correct.
So your streamer is showing Digital 1?
Your amp is set to streamer?

Yep to both but nada. Scratching my bonce…

Make sure your toslink plugs are seated properly in the sockets…

Did that, they weren’t seated properly to begin with as there was some static but once in properly static disappeared and then met with absolute silence. :exploding_head: