How do I control how long music via the alarm clock plays?

I have a Mu-so gen 2. I use the alarm clock function to play a favorite radio station (KUSC, Southern California). The Mu-so shuts off after 30 minutes. How do I change the amount of time? (I tried to find an answer in manuals, without success.)

It may expect you to get up and turn the machine on properly?
I use the sleep function most nights, some times 30 mins, some times an hour. I doubt if that will change anything, but worth a try.

Maybe we’re not understanding each other. My issue is using the alarm clock function to wake me up.

I know, I am saying the playback time may be affected by the sleep timer.


I used Roon for a while, but I found that often the playback stopped unpredictably. I thought that Roon may be sensitive to “events” on the ethernet connection (delays, retries of packets?). So I switched to the Mu-so 2’s alarm clock; but now I’m facing that 30-minute limit.

I was pointing to this thread not because of Roon in the visible post, but because the thread discussed the Muso alarm clock behavior

I think I am correct in saying that any user input (eg changing the volume) during the timed period will disable the 30 minute limit…


I used the Naim app on an Android phone this morning to fiddle with volume. As predicted, Mu-so 2 then did not shut off.

This nonetheless is far from desirable behavior. One ought to be able to adjust the playing time when setting the alarm clock.

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