How do I get Alexa to talk to my Uniti Atom?

My Mac mini shows Unit Atom as a connectable bluetooth speaker and quickly and easily connects. Both my wife and my Android phones both connect without issue as does my Android tablet and my wife’s iPad. So why does Alexa tell me that she can’t see any bluetooth speakers?

Obviously, the Unity Atom is set up correctly.


Edit: Re-reading with all the other devices connecting automatically that does sound odd.

I may be wrong but I wonder if your Mac Mini is seeing the Atom as an Airplay destination automatically rather than as a Bluetooth speaker.

My Nova is generally seen as an Airplay target automatically by my Mini but checking Bluetooth settings on the Mini I can’t see the Nova. I might have turned the Bluetooth input off though - will check. With the Mini Airplay would be preferable sonically I suspect.

Have you set up the Amazon device with the Alexa app to pair with the Atom?

I assume you know of the steps outline here if you search for Bluetooth:

This is interesting as it just shows me how infrequently I use Bluetooth generally and I can’t fathom why some of my Bluetooth destinations are not available on various devices!

When I ask Alexa to search for bluetooth speakers she reports thatnthere aren’t any when the Atom is clearly available for pairing.

Sorry I’m not being much help here, but what what are you using Alexa on? I have older Echo/Echo Dot devices which I’ve not used much recently, but most of my configuration is done via an Alexa app on iPhone. In terms of Bluetooth I’ve probably mainly used this to configure the Echo devices as Bluetooth outputs from iPhones.

Are you using Alexa via a smartphone/tablet app, an actual Amazon device or maybe Alexa on a 3rd party non-Amazon product?

Sorry but there is nothing unusual about what I am doing. I am using the Alexa app on my android tablet and/or my android phone and/or my iPad but none of these sees the Unity Atom as a bluetooth speaker. The same devices have no issue with playing music on the device or streaming (say from Spotify) through the Unity Atom so it id Alexa that is the problem. Ignore any actual Alexa devices as I would never use them to configure anything on Alexa - I only use the Amazon app.

This is silly. Why can I play Spotify through my phone onto the Naim and not do it through alexa on the same device!

Ah, ok, you’re using the Alexa app not an Amazon device. It’s useful to clarify that. What are you trying to play via the Alexa app voice commands? Spotify/Amazon Music/radio stations something else?

This is an old thread, but I suspect Alexa control is not supported as all the required home automation integrations are not in place as much as they might seem to be desirable or logical options (yes I know the thread refers to using an Amazon device):

Hopefully another user or someone from Naim will confirm one way or another.

@Will - can the Alexa app automatically use or be configured to output to the Uniti series?

Maybe she doesn’t like the bluetooth speakers you use?:thinking::grin:

What’s not to like about a Naim Unity Atom?

The silent treatment its giving Alexa.

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