How do I listen on headphones NAC22/NAP120?

I’m in need of help please. I would like to extend my listening through headphones but cannot figure how I would go about connecting a headphone amp to my old amps. I listen mainly to vinyl but also have a CD player connected. I have a cheap headphone amp with rca’s to connect. What am I missing?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks Andy

You will need a 5pin DIN to RCA cable configured for the Tape Out on the NAC22.

Okay thanks, I’ll give it a go. Cheers

Good to see that these amps are still working and being used. It was my first Naim combo.

These have been recapped and refurbished and sound pretty good to me. However, being in NZ, these two were assembled here in New Zealand in the late 70’s to avoid the massive import duties at that time. They are actually stamped on the back plate as Nac225 and Nap125. They’re supposed to be inferior when compared to the UK made equivalents due to some components being locally sourced.
They work for me good though.

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I tried this but no joy with the 5pin DIN to RCA that I have for the CD player. Did you mean that the cable itself needs to be configured?

The CD cable will be an input cable …guess you are looking for a (tape) output cable?

Correct. It needs to be Tape out at the DIN end. Different pin configuration to line out.

Chord Company can supply these and they are decent and very low cost.

A number of the Avalon built Naim amps were personally “improved” by Chris Murphy and also, when he was over in NZ, by Julian. I believe that Chris can still service and improve these but best get in touch to find out details.

Thank you FZ, appreciate your help with this.

Thanks, it’s all starting to make sense to me now

Hey Richard. I had them refurbished locally and they sound good but the front plate was butchered a little as the engineer had trouble sliding it into the chassis. Of course I wish now I had sent them to Chris in Wellington for a proper informed expert fix. My mistake.
Cheers Andy

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You can change the pins that are used in the din plug if you have a soldering iron.

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