How do I turn off Mu-so QB 2nd Gen?

I’m currently trying a Mu-so QB 2nd Generation but cannot work out how to turn it off without having to get my phone out, open the app, select the room and then turn off from there.
My older 1st Gen QB’s have a little icon on the top which I simply touch to turn off.
Any ideas?

Not sure if it’s possible to do this directly on the QB, but the supplied remote control does have an on/off button.

Yes, it does come with a remote but, the remote is not always where I left it…
I’d ideally like to know where the switch/touch is on the QB.

Other than the remote you can touch the standby icon on the top control panel for standby, or hold for a few seconds for deep sleep mode. Do this in reverse to power back up. The default standby time is set at 20 minutes no use, drops it into standby. There is no, on and off power switch.

As Gazza has explained, just use the standby on the top touch panel. If you wish to completely switch off - say if you’re going away on holiday - then switch off at the mains.

Thanks but I don’t believe there is a standby button on the top panel?
My QB’s have that button but the QB2 doesn’t seem to have it. Can you confirm that the QB2 has one and if so, where and what does it look like?

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Blythe, my apologies. I know the Qb well, and assumed the Qb2 was the same, but looking at a picture of the top touch panel, it seems you’re right.

According to the Qb2 QSG, to put it into standby you press and hold (for 3 seconds) the play/pause button icon on the touch panel.

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You beat me to it Richard, yes its the centre arrow for pause and play, hold for 3 seconds

Brilliant! That’s what I couldn’t find or work out :slight_smile:
I guessed there must be some way to do it but could I find it?
Thank you Richard and Gazza.

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