How do you cure earworms?

Celine Dion is back. Nothing against her ability to sing, she’s got great talent. But the songs are awful and give a severe case of earworm. I had hoped that the ‘nights of endless pleasure’ days had died in the nineties, but no, it’s all coming back to me now.

What do you do, to cure earworms?

This is the place to air your worst earworm nightmares and your solutions to cure them. Feel free to contribute to the playlist:

Insert a Babelfish and hope her songs come out as something decent.

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However, if the earworm is really terrible, it appears the next day again.


Sing (silently to myself - me actually singing is not a pleasant experience) either the British National Anthem repeatedly for a while, or The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt by the Shadows. Seems to work, without replacing the earworm.

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Crikey I’ll give anything a try.

Put this on and Celine Dion will be a distant memory.

Be careful what you wish for!


Ye gods I see what you mean

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What eats worms? Birds

This therefore must be the cure

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Using the vacuum cleaner to give the whole house a good going over whilst having a whistle of a few classy standards. Then a nice sit down with a cup of tea works for me.


Collaborative playlist in progress - feel free to add your worst earworms:

Currently at the top of my playlist.

Some nice key changes to keep them on their little worm toes.

good point must add Bright Eyes to the playlist

‘Play it’ and ‘play it’ and ‘play it’ and…this works for me, this even cures the need to listen to songs I actually like!

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