How good a source?

I am interested in a NSC222 and NPX300.

How does it compare to ND555 with psu or Linn Klimax DSM/3. I am housebound so can’t get to a dealer.

For that sort of money it’s not unreasonable to ask a dealer to come to you. A decent one would offer a home demo in any case, and would instal it for you.


Are you a UK customer @nova?
Both my local’ish dealers would and have come to do home demo’s. I’m sure if you’re considering £11k plus, any reasonable dealer would be only to pleased to do the same. Especially being a house bound prospective customer.


Although I’ve not heard them, I doubt the NSC222 and NPX300 combo would come close to either the ND555 or the Klimax (both of which I have heard) which are both exceptional.
The reason being they’re both at the top of the tree whereas most people are expecting a 300 series NSC which will sit higher up the Naim chain. How close that will come to the ND555 is yet to be seen.
Also, as others have said, any good dealer will bring stuff out to you for home demo, if you are UK based anyway.

I didn’t know about a 300 series NSC.

It’s not unreasonable to think that the 300 series of components will at some point include more than just a power supply. Whether that will include a “grown up” nsc222 (nsc333?) is I think still conjecture.

I don’t think they are. A 300 series streamer is what people expect, as its existence has been widely leaked elsewhere.

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From Signals…

The new products will supplant NAC 282, NAC 252, NAP 250DR, Superline, HiCap DR and Supercap DR so these are all approaching end of life, even though some of the replacements have clearly yet to arrive.

To me that suggests 300 series pre & power rather than just a streamer. Until it’s announced we’re just guessing.

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