How good can Naim (HiFi) be ? - ££££

Greetings all,

I love music, without it life would be so pale…

My Dad bless his cotton socks also did, I remember as a kid his “coffin” as my Mum called it, Real to Real Tape, Turntable, Diamond Sylus, huge Celestian Ditton speakers

Good times.

So I have HiFi Kit always everywhere I go… portable, in vehicles, at home… and have recently added MuSo (I traded them for a rather nice watch as it happens) I have a Muso and 2 x QB’s. Fabulous sound, beautiful kit, I understand made in China which if true is a real shame, but hey that is the world.

Anyway back to music…

I was a few moons back shown massive Conche type speakers while doing some work at a Hifi Manufacturer with a ££££ pricetag that apparently a certain pop star owns…

I also have been in a very cool Wifi “listening area” owned by the US Airforce… nice kit…

Now reading here and surfing the web I see some of you people spend huge amounts of your hard earned on Naim kit.

My questons are (forgive all the dribbling on - just a bit of background),

  1. I think Naim have a demo center, how could I get a listen to their kit ? I would be intriguded to listen to it

  2. What’s the ultimate Hifi setup… (Bells Beach Australia :slight_smile: ) no price limit, and is it there (I think there is) a law of diminshing returns ? - I ask this one bacause a once wealthy friend of mine in Germany swapped his regular amp to pre amp cables for Fiber and i am stuffed if I could hear the difference :frowning:

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Welcome your Lordship.

Your best next step is to get in touch with a good Naim dealer near you who can demonstrate some Naim systems for you. I’m sure the other members will have their recommendations depending on where you live. Then see if your dealer is planning on a factory visit and put your name down to attend. Of course, this will all need to happen after lockdown and distancing restrictions are lifted…

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Thanks for the feedback, I am UK South Coast based (apolgies, should have said that)

A trip to OZ while of course would be amazing (love the place) might be difficult currently and the naim factory is a lot closer :slight_smile:

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Sorry. I thought you were from Aus reading your post. The reference to Bell Beach has sent me in the wrong direction. I’ve deleted the post, sorry.

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Ahh (Bells Beach) thats a quote from the movie Point Break… (they discus the “Biggest Waves”) my reference to the Ultimate HiFi :slight_smile:

It’s also a beautiful part of Aus.

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Havn’t been… but on the list.

The only visit I flew in to Sydney (few days there), Up to Cairns, on a boat for 10 days, flew back to Sydney, drove to Newcastle, drove back to Sydney and flew back to the UK… far to short, didn’t even see a Kangaroo… but the Sharks were very friendly, and paid for speeding tickets for some months afterwards…

Back to your question. There is no best set out of multiple reasons:

  1. Personal preference for sound signature guides you in a certain direction. So it first starts with what you like to hear
  2. Your room acoustic play a significant role
  3. It’s the mix of components you use which make the total sound. So speakers and electronics, but as important acoustics, electricity, cables etc
  4. Sound needs development / after burn in audio sounds different so you can only appreciate full qualities after some time of listening.

But rather then trying to shoot for best, just let your ears do the work and decide with the ears…



By “electricity” you mean how “clean” the feed is to your amps ? I get that for the longevity of you components, and I understand it’s good to leave amps on to burn in / stabilise etc…but how can the power effect the sound quality ?

“Personal preference for sound signature guides you in a certain direction. So it first starts with what you like to hear”

Are you saying certain types of music sounds best on certain types of equipment ?..

The clean electricity is one of the most important factors in sound quality. You can have the best electronics and speakers, but it still can sound relatively mediocre because of issues with the electricity (mains, chords and distribution).
A good set should play any music - a weaker system only excels in one or two styles of music.

Gottcha. I hear what you are saying

“Law of diminishing returns”.
I’d say yes.
You pay a lot of money for a superb sound. With the same equipment manufacturer, you’ll pay a LOT more to gain a small improvement.
An example being, if you bought Naim 500 series kit, it’ll cost you a fair penny.
If you buy their top-of-the-range Statement range, it’ll cost you a pretty penny x 30…
Yes it sounds better but, 30x better?
There are only a few Naim “Statement” stockists as most Naim dealers tend to stock the lower down the chain products…

However, you could easily spend £100,000 on another makers equipment which doesn’t sound as good as Naim’s middling products for one heck of a lot less…


Agreed Sir, thanks for the input, now all I need is Naim kit for my Van :slight_smile:
As an example the MuSo range is “entry level” (but try moving your Statement range kit to the garden for a BBQ) and by no means cheap but a magical sound.
Looks like a visit to Salisbury needed…

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Well said, my Muso and QB’s are hardly ever off, currently I am in tiny jazz club with Melody Gardot … “Our love is easy”…

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The simple answer is that it’s as good as your ears tell you. One point though whatever you do you have to ensure that you get the right speakers for your room to match with your chosen electronics, if not it’s all for nothing.

All the best.


Maybe Ditton 66s. Very well renowned speakers. My wife calls my speakers coffins… in essence, if you want uncurtailed deep bass from stereo speakers, physics dictates that they be at least relatively large. There are alternatives such as using a sub (one designed for music not just to shake things with home cinema. And good quality bass rather than just quantity tends to make them expensive.

Possibly the B&W Nautilus - I’ve never heard it, but reports suggested it was rather good.

The coffin was the HiFi Unit :joy:

Yes B&W just down the road, nice kit

I agree I have four old Missions with my Amp that I rescued from the ex, silver and copper cables, is great to have it all in its temporary location, and loving the sound.

The Muso sound is teriffic

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