How good is Proac Tablette 10 signature

Hi I have a small room and currently use the pmc20.21 with a sub and dsp … and it is very good. However I am after a speaker that means I dont need to use dsp. My issue is a room mode at around 60hz. I was hoping to maybe get an infinate baffle speaker… like the tablette…which could live with the room restrictions. I have tried 805D3 no good … ATC SCM19 … no good they load the room with too much bass…

I’ve used the Tablette 10 for two years now and I’m delighted with them. I considered ‘upgrading’ to the Signature as part of my recent box changes but my dealer dissuaded me. “Better in some areas but not so much in others - not worth it” was his take.

FWIW the plain 10 has easily revealed the upgrade from NDX to NDX2 and 272 to 282/HCDR.

As always, an audition is key.



Cheers good to hear your view

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I have owned both, a touch more bass from the signature but if you already own the standard 10 I would leave as is.

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I have seen your previous topic. Suggestion: neat iota alpha. Go close to the wall.

We enjoyed them in SE finish in the bedroom, driven by Marantz AMP1 sourced by Pro-Ject Stream DS2 and supported by sub JLAudio-D108; several speaker changes until OK, as they are one 5 cm aside from a corner and the other 5 cm aside from rear wall.

I can only say they are wonderful in every way, with accurate and tight bass, although supported by the sub, but no bloated nor bommy bass problems, which was something I have not managed to solve with the 2 previous speaker pairs in that location.

Do a demo and trust your ears.

Try the smaller scm11?

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They are magical little speakers. When setup right they disappear their midrange is special. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t love them.


I second what Rick says.

I have both the regular 10s and the Signatures. I love them both but the Signatures were better straight out of the box. The improvement was very obvious to me.

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From the £4,500 B&W 805D3 to £1,335 Proac Tablette 10 Sigs. Interesting that you did not find the 805D3 to be impressive. Perhaps the room is too small for the 805D3 to show its full potential.

Anyway, I’ve always been curious about the Tablette 10 Sigs but didn’t explore further since I already own a pair of Dali Mentor Menuet since 2012 (I rarely change speakers and equipment these days). Having said that, I might consider the Tablette 10s since I now have my NAC202/NAP200 sitting on the display rack collecting dust after picking up a Sonneteer Orton earlier last month. The only problem is I need to find a space to setup the 3rd system if I intend to pick up another mini-monitor.

Personally I would go with the Signature version since it is already available in the market, unless budget is an issue. I am inclined to think that the Tablette 10 Signature will not only sound a bit better but looks nicer too with the shiny little thing in middle of the bass driver. I suppose most Tablette 10 non-Signature owners are early adopters who have bought the speakers at the time when the Signature isn’t available for sale.

I think Stewart Tyler is simply a brilliant audio artist. Some people think that conceiving a loudspeaker is only a matter of mathematics. Not so.

I see a loudspeaker as a musical instrument and only a master instrument maker can achieve something that is out of the ordinary. If you like the music coming out of the boxes, price should not be a factor that influence your consumer behavior!


Thank you so much everyone…I am intrigued by the proac’s I will have to try and audition…

@Richieroo I’d suggest also getting a listen to the new ProAc Response D2R this may become a classic. The Ribbon tweeters sound great, I owned the D30R… great speakers, which I’d kept them.

I think the D2R are probably great speakers but their bass will be too much for my room. I need an infinate baffle small speaker with fantastic mid and well integrated top end…

@Richieroo + 1 for ATC SCM 11 (if the 19s are too bassy for your room)

yes the 11’s for me are rather good with enough bass in my 4 x 3.5 room and the nova drives them well. i have had two pairs of 19’s and the bass can be a bit overwhelming but the midrange then makes up for it!

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The issue I have is unfortunately is that the room gets very excited at around 60hz with quality very balanced speakers. I need a speaker that is fast in bass and on the lean side. The pmc 20.21 is almost there…so I need something like the Linn Kan … infinate baffle and a small bass driver. I have a Velodyne DD10+ sub which is epic.

I have been considering the 805 D3…for a room roughly 11ft x15ft. Too small in your experience?

Have you tried or considered PMC DB1 gold ?

I think that will be ok. … you need to keep the speaker 500mm off rear wall ideally…the foam port plugs work…I suggest you try it…I think it is a great speaker but not for my room…

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