How good is the DAC in the NDX2?

Planning to get a dedicated CD transport. After a lot of advice and my own research, I got stuck on Austrian Pro-Ject which does a nice little thing called Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T.

Built of solid aluminum and carbon fiber. Has also come out really well in tests and looks like a very small vinyl player. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The plan is therefore for this to be connected to My NDX2. But are curious about how good the DAC module is that sits there? Is it “good enough” for the current CD transport?


To my ears it is an excellent implementation of the Burr Brown chipset, and can be improved even further with a power supply. I have not heard that cd transport, but the NDX2 is unlikely to be a limiting factor.


I’m thinking of adding a cd transport to my setup and it will certainly be going straight into my NDX2.


We have our TV connected via optical to the NDX2 and it sounds excellent. I’m sure it would be absolutely fine with the CD transport.


Thats a thought, will have to try that!

It’s an excellent DAC, as you would expect. The NDX2 also gained a very nice discrete analogue output stage.


Come back and tell us how it goes. Given the recent , and not so recent noise of naim cd players, this could be a viable way forward for most.

A friend of mine plays this transport through his Naim nDAC and it sounds very good.


I did similar when I still had my Naim CD5 XS which has a coaxial digital output. The transport you’ve found will likely do just fine, the NDX2 is a wholly capable streamer.

Hi everybody!

I currently own a CDX2 + XSPDR and a ND5 XS2.

should I swap for a NDX2 in future, what about using the CDX2 as transport only (digitally connected to NDX2 internal DAC) and move the XPSDR from the latter to NDX2? would it be a general improvement for both sources?

thanks and rgds,

I have that transport playing through my chord DAC, I’m sure it will sound excellent through your ndx

I play the optical out from a TV and a coaxial out from a Cambridge Audio 4K Bluray player into my NDX2 and it’s quite excellent. Indeed, a hi-res audio Bluray or regular CD is very nice as well.

Be mindful of the signal earth if you try this and set the streamer to chassis if the CD player is feeding digits to the ND it will no longer be performing this function. I assume you have the ND5 set to floating at the moment.

ops, I really don’t know… :blush:

does it make any difference?


from Naim Support: “Select the default position unless the product is connected in a hi-fi system incorporating another earthed source component, or mains ‘hum’ is audible through the loudspeakers”.

ok, that is clear. I will check, anyway.

thus, if CD is feeding digits to the NDX2, I should instead set to “default”, shouldn’t I?


There should be only one signal earth in a Naim system. Their CD players provide this and there’s no choice in this case, the streamers and DAC allow you to select whether they do this or not by a slider switch on the back in case you also use a CD player.
For some reason they changed the label on the latest series of streamers so it now gives a choice involving default and floating rather than chassis and floating but if all you can see when peering behind it is default than you have to refer to the product page to see whether the alternative is chassis or floating it doesn’t say in the quick start guide and there’s no proper manual, just a rather confusing online menu driven alternative hidden under support rather than manuals and downloads but that’s progress for you.

I checked and found my ND5 XS2 was set to “default” but I haven’t heard any mains “hum”, so far; and I use a CD player in my system, too (presumably earthed…).


that was indeed what I found on ND5 XS2 support page, as previously mentioned: “Select the default position unless the product is connected in a hi-fi system incorporating another earthed source component, or mains ‘hum’ is audible through the loudspeakers”.

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