How heavy are SBLs?

I may have asked before but I can’t find the answer searching or Googling.

Toying with the idea of some Gaia ‘feet’, the cheapest ones I think go up to 32kg and I suspect they’d be ok.

Anyone have any idea if there are benefits with more expensive feet than needed simply to take the speakers’ weight?

Might say on the SBL boxes but I can’t face going into the attic these days.

24kg ish!

Don’t know owt about the Gaia’s though!

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Thanks Graeme - the only manual I can find online doesn’t list weight in the specs and I can’t remember if I ever had one or if the dealer who set them up snaffled it on a ‘need to know only’ basis as they seemed to do with many things in retrospect.

I would borrow and try, just a worry bead that it could undo what Roy was trying to do with this speaker design.?


I probably mentioned before but I lost the spikes in storage (which will no doubt turn up as soon as I buy new ones or something else), but we’ve dispensed with carpet and replaced with engineered oak in the listening rooms and I don’t really like those metal floor protector thingies (have some Atacama ones).

The SBLs currently sit on some foam flooring underlay squares without the spikes - shock horror :smiling_imp: - but sound surprisingly good.

The Gaias get very good reviews - it’d be interesting to know if anyone has them on SBLs or similar as they could be very practical.

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I have my SBLs sitting on some rubber washing machine vibration absorbers i bought off Amazon for 8.99 for 4.
Sounds really good and on a wooden suspended floor! :astonished:

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The correct spikes and locking nuts should be available from good dealers very easily and at little cost. I believe they are M8s. SBLs tend to sound best when set up exactly as they were intended and personally that is what I would do. Probably cheaper too!

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Cant see why the gaia isolation feet, wouldn’t work well, they do work well on others.
Remove the vibrations that the speaker makes, but only one way to see.
I removed the spikes from my PMC’s and fitted the gaia’s and i also have solid wooden flooring on top off concrete and wouldn’t put the spikes back on

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