How I separated signal and mains cables

I recently had some plumbing work done in the wall behind my maple hifi built-in, and used the opportunity to really pay attention to setup, including cables.

I have some givens with the existing cabinet, which was built for an old style TV. Long story short, I decided to use adhesive clips to hold the cables against the back wall, and then also add a second ash ply panel sitting on blocks, held in place with blutack and tape.

I’m super happy with the result, as is my wife as it really cleaned up the rats nest of cables visually. I also have been able to keep all signal cables at least a couple inches away from power cables.

Thought I’d share photos; perhaps some helpful ideas for folks.

I am aware I have the Lingo PS in there with the source components…I have a separate thread running on that. Open to feedback on that.


When I did this a couple of months ago I was surprised by the free SQ upgrade.

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