How important are websites to high end hifi companies?

Indeed! They just put people off, unless someone is themselves into them as well as interested in hifi. As I said on the new Naim website thread, it is reminiscent of the bad old “have Flash, will use it” school of website design. A slow slideshow with Images (preferably still) showing varied musicians playing interleaved or alongside images of varied Naim gear linking music with the boxes might do well at engaging the visitor rather than disengaging.

If your access to multiple dealers (or any dealer) is geographically prohibitive, the website is critical. FB is just one channel and the mass exodus that started over a decade ago makes FB an ineffective substitute. I don’t know anyone under the age of 50 on it.

I’ve certainly pondered some bit of hifi, looked at their site and thought, “if they can’t be bothered with anything better than this crap, what else can’t they be bothered with?” I don’t expect slick perfection, but some sites (ProAc) are like a bad joke from 1996.

I think the new Naim site is not winning prizes but it’s certainly better than my minimum expectation. I don’t have a major issue with it. Some other manufacturer sites just make me wonder if the company is about to go bust.

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