How is the quality of Naim in recent years?

Had Naim kit for nearly 20 years now, initially speakers (strange start I know but it was what was due upgrade at that time), then amplifiers, power supplies, sources (HDX and NAT05), nDAC and attendant leads. Only problem was power supply going on my HDX, this was one of the original 500gb ones and it came back repaired and with the upgraded 2TB storage and downloads folder so I wasn’t too unhappy about that. Also bought a QB for the kitchen 4-5 years ago and that has been trouble free.

My NDS display failed shortly after the warranty expired. Many other’s experienced the same problem. Misery loves company.

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We could not be happier with our CD555 based 500 system. Demo 500 and S/H 552. I hope I can get the long transit screw out of the CD555 when I set it up again! We have a Qutest with Sarum T in and out for Quobuz and Roon, and we own all the music I love already. My wife loves Quobuz on her phone. All good.

My son had a problem with his new Nova which took a couple of months to get sorted, The remote, important to him, did not work crisply. It felt like a lifetime to him but it is sorted now I think.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Especially you guys across the Pond.

We have scrubbed all our holiday plans with all these Covid cases. Read the news. Yikes! Stay safe.


Never have had any issue with any of 62, 52, 82, 282, 252, 140, 135, 552, 500, supercap over the years, only the exception of a CB Hicap where I had a cosmetic issue where the on/off knob got loosened.

I’ve owned Naim since 1988. The only problem I ever had was with an early SuperLine. It lost output in the right channel shortly after I bought it and was replaced under warranty.

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Accidentally got an ND555 remote packaged with my NDX2.

Not complaining!



Same here. But since 1997 :wink:

Naim owner since 1983, have had one single channel failure of NAP110 fixed by Naim in about 2005 ish if I recall.

Clearly, as there is now a much wider customer base as well as a much wider product range, then that makes production and support more complex.
Its also a lot easier to communicate a problem via a forum these days whereas no one would have known anything of my NAP110 issue in the past.

I can say the service that I recieved from Naim, being repaired, serviced and updated to a 140 was absolutely first class and I sincerely hope they continue to support their products in this exemplary manner.

Mine had exactly the same problem - also an early model. It has been fine since.

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Well I have a 300 on factory order right now for delivery in about 2-3 weeks so I hope their pre-Christmas quality elves are concentrating on product quality rather than racing to get stuff out the door to book revenue before YE. :crossed_fingers:

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I imagine, sales and management folks have sales volume in their KPI. On the other hand, QA staffs are hopefully not bothered with timeline pressures but quality. :slight_smile:

I thought we were the QA staff??

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Well said @litemotiv, we are the QA volunteers. But as passionate interested parties, that probably make us good QAs!

Testing by listening to music, how could anyone take money for this job?! :wink::wink:

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