How Long for Naim to Reply?

Does anyone know how long Naim are taking to reply to emails? I contacted them on 30 November with a query about a repair and I have had nothing back other than an automated reply.

I have always found Naim good to respond to a call. Although I expect they are away for the Holidays now.

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Thanks, surely they haven’t been on holiday since 30 November though!

True, but It was my caveat to giving them a call right now. :0)

I would email them again or phone them, they are normally much quicker to reply.

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Issues do happen, email can go astry, get diverted into spam folders, etc.
As others have said, with following up with a call.

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What was the query? Do you have a ticket number?

When I was working and my in basket hit 200 or so a day, the only way to cope was to just hope that people would ring if it was urgent. Naim have always been brilliant when I’ve called them in the past.

I made an enquiry about the history of a used box I was thinking of buying and got a reply within the hour. I don’t know if they go to a different department but I was very impressed.

I’d try again - or give your dealer a nudge (I’m assuming it went back via them).

It was a query over a repair.
I have a ticket number 97331 and I emailed again today 99637.

I would have phoned but felt that I would like a written response.

Was the repair sent in by your dealer or you sent it to Naim directly? Do you have an RMA number for it. If you let me know I’ll ask someone at the factory to look into it for you.

Thank you Richard
The RMA was 060100.
I have asked some specific questions in my email, I felt it unfair to post the detail on here.

OK thanks.

Thank you Richard.
I have now had a response to my email. I don’t think it is fair to discuss detail, but I will say it was fair and professional.

OK thanks for letting me know Jon. From what I gather, the resident Naim dog managed to “eat” your first email…

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Well, we are all human and this is a very unusual time.

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