How long have you been on the Naim journey?

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As per the title. Interested to know how long people have been into Hifi and how long it has taken to get your system where it is now.



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It’s interesting that you use the word ‘journey’, which implies that Naim gear is not something you simply buy and enjoy but rather something you have to continuously change and improve. It’s this that seems to make Naim unpopular elsewhere and gives the impression that owners are inveterate box-swappers. I think for some this is true - it’s a trap I’ve been caught in - but for many, and probably most, it’s not.

I’ve had Naim since 1983 and have been up and down the range far too much. In summer 2015 I started with a blank sheet and sold everything I had and rebuilt to what I have now, which was done by autumn 2017. So two and a bit years. What about you? It’s not fair to ask others without fessing up yourself.


I bought a 42.5/110 in 1983.

By 1990 I was running with LP12/Aro/Geddon >> 32.5/Hicap/250 x 2 >> Linn Kans

I then discovered Class A and have using EAR Yoshino since. If the Classic range had arrived earlier I probably would have moved to them.

Recently bought an OLD pair of SBLs, so I have more Naim today than I have for the past couple of decades.

True, I am sure you are right that many are content with there system but Naim, as a brand do it better than most in my opinion and do a very good job of promoting improvements with many added extra boxes.
This is what prompted my question as for me my entrance to Naim was with the Unitiqute2. I then after a year decided I wanted something with a bit more omph so decided to get a Nova.
Unfortunately the Nova/Novas proved completely unreliable having had 4 faulty units in a row.
Having lost all faith in the product I decided that changing to tried and tested should have been the way to go. Fortunately my understanding dealer gave me a fantastic deal on a NDX/Supernait2 that I couldn’t refuse and I haven’t looked back, only forward and this has certainly given me a fantastic sounding system that I have added to with a HicapDR in recent times and associated powerlines and Hilines.
Obviously Naim equipment isn’t cheap and would think most build on there system over many years and don’t get overnight.

Very similar to Popeye, started with a UQ2/NAP100 6 years ago, upgraded to Nova last year which is now in the second system, with a SN2/NDX2 leading the pack from 3 months ago. Before that it has been an A60 since the 1980’s with an Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player and original Rega turntable.

Dreaming since mid 90’s, first Naim purchase in 2019, since than it’s been moving fast :rofl:. I think the problem in NZ is a very small Naim market and following, high pricing due to conversion, shipping etc. I wish we had the availability of used units like UK has, journey would have stared earlier :grinning:


Began with a Trio amp, AR7x speakers and some TT I don’t remember when I had my own wages in the early/mid 70s, then a Cambridge A60. Heard a Linn LP12 in the early 80s but couldn’t afford it so bought a Thorens 160…that went back after a week or so: it just was not the Linn! Kept LP12, A60 and AR7x until I met Hamish and Roger via Grahams, then the SO in Southwark became almost my second home…LP12, Naim 32/SNAPS/250 and Kans were my treasure for a long time. Loved it.
Had to sell the Naim amps because of marriage, the Linn went into storage…regretted it but thought a Sony midi system would be…er…OK.
It wasn’t!
After a few years going nuts, I bought a Linn amp and CDP and got the TT out of storage.
A good few years with this system…

From there, back to Naim last year with an XS2 and happiness returned!
Now XS2, CD5x, ProAc speakers and of course my trusty Linn (now sporting Lingo, Keel and Kandid etc ). Eagerly awaiting hearing the Supernait 3!

Still miss that 32/250 tho :slight_smile:

Still have that SNAPS, somewhere in the loft. Must dig it out…


My first Naim purchase was SBLs in 1988 used with a top Exposure amplifier (6,6,7,4 Dual Regulated). Moved to Naim amps and sources by ‘90 and have been with them ever since. By 2004 my Naim set up was finished (252, 300, CDS3). I have changed from a Roksan to an LP12 in 2016 and updated SBLs in 2017, otherwise my system is very settled you might say.


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After growing up with music playing various brass instruments then guitar in its various forms, then running rock & blues venues, I did not have time for serious music at home.
But needing to knuckle down with a new family, I moved from ‘music centres’ to all sorts of popular cheap brands, but a Rega-3 TT started serious record collecting & that started a move through Rotel, Audiolab, then after a Linn amp & a Marantz CD player the real hifi penny dropped & ‘bits’ of Naim arrived & departed over the years, all various sizes of multiple boxes in black metal racks. I had also been refurbing speakers as a money earning hobby & during this time I had been experiementing & eventually designed & built what I have now. Then together with a complete living/listening room refurb with a specific furniture theme I made a complete change, no more ugly metal racks & no more mixed brands of multiple boxes. I reduced box count & Supernait, CDX2 & NAT05 arrived, all housed in a self designed & made rack. The Rega-3 was removed & the CDX2 was changed for an NDX, that included a new cabinet to house NAS, UPS & other bits. So although on the surface its a 3 box system, it has two extra PSU’s for the Supernait & NDX (previously CDX2) & the NAS & other bits. Oh did I mention my own design power supply … nah !! it gets boring.
Its all about the music & looks good as well

So long story…

I can not exactly determine the year of the beginning. But the power amp that I bought back then had the serial number 2000 and was a NAP250. As a preamp was then a Dayton Wright SPA and speakers from the same company the XG8.

This was around the middle / end of the 70s. About the same time with the acquisition of the NAP 250 came my first LP12.

Since then a lot has happened. Dayton Wright was replaced by my first pair of briks and the SPA against a 52 and 2x135.

My LP12 had from the beginning til a few months ago a prefix installed, which was powered by a Hicap, later replaced by a supercap, then with a clone …

For me the '90 to 2006 was a very active time. Because friends and family still play with Naim systems which I put together. My daughter (32J) is still using the NAC72 / NAP140 with Linn Tukan and has no intention of changing that. My son a NAC32.5 / 140 / Linn Keiligh. I have the entire series of 3 through, the NAT03 I own today. All these devices are still in use after so many years, even with friends, which is the quality of Naim.

For a long time I had a second system with CD3.5 / 72 / 2x140 / Linn Keiligh.

But my system in the '90s was NAT01 / CDI / 52 / 2x135 / Isobarik and a LP12 / Ittok / Prefix / Troika then Karma. Later, a second LP12 was added with ARO / Prefix and Armagedon, which I bought very cheap private. For me that was a blessing because I could compare EKOS and Aro directly. I kept the EKOS.

It was in 2002 when the 552 arrived. The 135s were replaced by ECS prototypes, which still drive the Isobarik.

About 10 years ago a CDX was added to the current system, a little later then an XPS which was replaced about 4 years ago by a CDS3 and a 555PS.

In 2018 a Superline with Hicap / DR which was replaced by a Supercap / DR short time later. And 4 weeks ago, the 552 finally got the DR upgrade and a service.

Much is not so present anymore, I do not know the exact years. However this is my journey through the Naim world. And it does not end because someday streaming is announced.


‘94, a friend introduced me to Naim. I’d always had a hi fi plus a love of music and didn’t take much pushing. Been upgrading ever since. I have a great dealer in Sydney who has always helped me make the right choices. My love of music (and Naim) still continues today.

Got my SN2 earlier this year, then added a ND5SX2. Had the LP12 in the family since 1982 which was previously partnered with a Roksan Kandy and before that pioneer…

I don’t envisage upgrading except soon to get some decent speakers.

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:+1: for Hamish and Roger


I think I bought my first TT, a Thorens, from the SO in the early 80’s. That went into a NAD with Mordaunt Short Pageants II (?). The Thorens was replaced with a LP12, a Nait replaced the NAD, and eventually Linn Kans arrived. I can’t recall when I replaced the Nait. In the mid 1990’s I got a 52, 135s, and SBLs. A Roxana replaced the Lp12, which went into storage and was augmented by a CDS and a NAT01. Streaming arrived in 2013 with an NDS, and the SBLs were replaced with Ovator 600s; Finally Mana stands we’re replaced by a Fraim.

Stayed with Hamish when he moved SO to York (met my future wife on the same visit). Visited the shop again a couple of years ago and met his son…Hamish wasn’t there sadly. We hope to go back…

Lovely man. I remember those nights in Southwark (and the Market Porter and the other pubs) with great fondness. And R&H’s visits to my flat to set up the Naims. Good times.

RIP Roger. They were a good team.


Bought my first Naim a Niat 5 in 2003 after 25 years with a Sansui AU217. I developed a dislike of an aspect of its sound within the first month and chopped it in for Rega Cursa/Maia after trying that and an FMJ and a Sugden in store. Then in 2008 I went shopping for a good CD player, tried the Saturn and CD5x and bought the latter. A bit later when the coffers had recovered I decided to try Naim amps again. A demo of a supernait vs a 202/200/PSC was arranged, the supernait had the same characteristic I’d disliked about the Nait 5, only more so but the 202/200 didn’t so I borrowed them to try at home. My wife didn’t think it was a big enough upgrade on the Regas to bother with so I went up a level and borrowed 282/Hi/250, this won approval but I was going to have to do this piecemeal as I’d determined not to use credit to buy hifi upgrades. I had a Flatcap 2x already so could start with the 282, then at the rate of slightly over 1 item a year it was followed by a superline, Aro, Hicap, and 250 and finally I happened on a pair of NBLs with passive crossovers. I could have stopped there but the CD5x was now the weakest part, I struggled with a CDX2 but it wasn’t quite doing it for me, I bought a used one as I was unsure of it so as to minimise potential loss. I discovered it was quite sensitive to its power lead touching the rack so i than started thinking of Fraim but bottled it and bought Fraim Lite. This allowed the system to time a lot better than the old Target job and the CDX2 started to show its worth over the CD5x/FC2x so the CD5x/FC2x was sold off. I was still generating about £3k a year surplus to spend on Hifi so of course the thought of what next was always there, that led to a demo of my Hicap vs Hicap dr vs supercap dr and XPS dr vs 555ps, guess where that led but there I did reach a stop with the possibility of a 252 at some point but no rush. Then the generation before me died off leaving a modest inheritance, not enough to move to a better house but enough, in the absense of any children, to think about a 552 with about the same left over after the mortgage was settled, which along with a bit I had already, resulted in my current system, just before my employer had a reorganisation which closed the tap on my surplus imcome and has me looking to retire next year at the first sensible opportunity. Journey’s end I think, just maintenance from now on if I’m lucky but Brexit and/or Corbin could result in a period of rampant inflation which would scupper even that plan.

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I’ve been into hifi for 50 years, starting by building my own system (DIY speakers, kit amp, DIY plinth for TT) as a teenager.

As a journey, quite frequent upgrading in first decade, thereafter many significant gaps in time with static system (boat at sea?).

System as it is now I’ve only had for less than a year.

Naim featured between 2014 and 2016.

Had various Japanese gear {mainly sansui} till 1985 when I had my own house and wanted a great system …Cheap!!
Bought a Nait 1 and a rega 3 with mission 70s speakers …I was really happy with that system and refused to accept CDs { a passing fad}
And low and behold…Only 30years later… they have proved to be a passing fad !

I have gone slowly from: 32.5/Hicap/250 in 1986, servicing in 2001 to 52/300 in 2004 finally to 552/500 ( these being second hand ). Not possible without good resales. (Linn turntable, now Klimax which I would love to Katalyst). B & W 802

Round about 1977 my Dad replaced his Quad 303 and let me keep it. I used it with his old ESL57s initially and remember going to bed late a lot.
I bought a Sansui TT to go with the 303 and later added Ferguson speakers for my college system.
In the early 90s I splashed out on a Yamaha CD player which I used until 2004.
Then, looking at new speakers, I listened to a pair of new SL2s and was hooked immediately. I purchased these and a preloved Naim CD5i and used them with the 303 for a few years but it was all down a long slippery slope from there.
Moved apartments this year and had to let the SL2s go together with all the black boxes and now have a one-box Linn/Roon active system and a Muso 1st gen. (which is still sounding pretty damn good).
Next purchase will probably be a Qb2 for Roon integration and better portability.