How long till Naim embraces immersive surround sound... again

ummmm Naim have done AV processors and a DVD player in the past. It’s not like they’ve never given it a serious attemp.

The Naim AV2

About 20 years old, time for an update!

And about as many surround sound formats as well. I have had to bin two systems already due to being deprecated to the degree of being worthless. Dunno how I would feel about doing that with something in this price bracket.

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About as popular as 3D TV at this point.


Agreed, things move on, formats change and improve. The AV2 cost £2,200 in 2002 which is around £3,600 in today’s money or about the price of a Uniti Star. I’d certainly be considering an updated version extremely good value at that price point.

You still can get one s/h. This is my topic from some time ago:

It is currently used in a different system, but it will ultimately go back to the telly, that is clearly its sweet spot.

I suppose if it could be upgradable with firmware to cater for newer standards for a longer time it could be a very attractive offering. Don’t think there will be a new HDMI format every two weeks anymore.

Also if it can do stereo sound as good as well. Was a weak point in everything I owned with more than two channels.

Hi @Ardbeg10y, I did read through your post and it’s great to see the AV2 still has a following.

I believe the AV2 was an add on to an existing stereo system.

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Maybe we need some insider knowledge…
Ahem… @Naim.Marketing

I cant see it happening.
Clare wont/cant answer.

We compared Star Wars in surround vs 2.0 setup. And surround won by quite a margin. The AV2 was defo the star gelling the stuff together.

I enjoy amazing surround sound from my system. I just use the AV throughput on my Naim amplification, so Naim is still powering the front left/right speakers and my [brand redacted] AV receiver is driving the centre, surrounds and rears. Simple.

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And if you want to build a reference-class system:

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This made it for us the ideal compromise. We all love watching movies of course, but personally I also love to watch the Berliner Philharmoniker via the digital concert hall on the rare moments of silence. Somehow it is a very nice experience.

The AV2 also has the typical naim quirks / idiosyncrasies which makes me loving it. Almost the entire AV2 can be configured with 2 buttons and a volume dial. Hats of to that.

The din connections ensures that no nasty ground loops occur.

But I can. And have :slight_smile:


That kind of flexibility does make it a lot more attractive indeed!

Hi @Naim.Marketing, thank you for your input.
I’d really love to keep my system all Naim, what’s the chance? Just the A side not too bothered with the V.

At £20k I guess Naim are supplying the amplification. :smirk:

0.0 I’d guess