How long to run in a Muso2

Just picked up a Muso2 and a little underwhelmed with the sound Quality at the moment. Had for about a week or so?
Any views?

If you haven’t already done so, i’d go through the settings menu and check how you’ve got the Mu-so set up for Room Positioning, Loudness etc: these can make a big difference to sound.

Also, have you cracked listening to TIDAL, Qobuz etc from the Naim App, rather than via AirPlay? Again, using the native implementation can make improvements.

Yes Hi Clare…me again! :roll_eyes:

Yes done all the room positioning stuff…
With regard to Tidal…its working from the Naim app at the moment but one thing I have noticed is that it does not always ask me to login via the Naim app and that’s when all the issues start. It just goes straight into the Tidal app without login…I can see my collection etc but then when I want to play it does not work…so still messing with it.
And does a Muso run in like all the other naim gear?

It took about 2 months for my Muso Qb to run in. It sounded a bit turgid and shut in at first but it started to open up after 3 - 4 weeks and kept getting better for a month or so after that. It’s placed on a fairly low side table in my snug so I added a small cone to the front of the plinth which angled the Qb upwards - works a treat!

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Ok Thanks…good to know. Was absolutely sure that Naim would not market a device to sound like it does at the moment…

Same here, my QB2 sounded a bit dull for a few weeks of relatively light use. Much improved now.
I prefer it with the loudness and room compensation settings turned off, but worth trying these for yourself.

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When I had my MuSo 2,I found the best settings were loudness off and near wall selected. Positioning on the piece of furniture is also important and it is best to have the front edge of the Muso level with the front edge of the support.
There are a couple of archived threads on positioning and sound quality that you would find interesting.

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I have the original muso and I found the distance from the wall to be incredibly important. The rear of mine is 31cm from the wall. Moving this a couple of cm either way clearly alters the sound. As mentioned above the front grille of mine is level with the front of the piece of furniture its on. It will also need running in for a while but in the mean time try the positioning and see what you think.

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Hi Clare,
Does the Loudness change the bass only at low volume or are there differences also at medium / high volume?

I was also slightly underwhelmed initially. I have found the settings I prefer, but most importantly, I found the source to be the biggest factor. (Probably obvious to many on here I know, but I’m new at streaming).
I tried Tidal which I found very good, but when I tried Qobuz, it was even better.
Signed up with Qobuz and the louder I turn it up, the better it sounds.

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Hello! It’s primarily for lower volumes and its effect is gradually reduced as volume increases

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