How low can you go

Just came across this on Native DSD website following a comment on another post.

Note the warning :grimacing:. Anyone else know it or tried it? What did it sound like. What’s the lowest bass frequency you’ve experienced and did it make your windows rattle?

Not quite what you’re asking, but a friend of mine was an organ scholar at Durham in the late 90s. As at many cathedrals, the huge pipes for the lowest pedal stops were ranged behind the choir stalls and there was one note on one stop in particular that triggered a strong resonant response in one particular seat.

Organists were known to use the remote ‘conductor cam’ to scan the congregation in quiet moments to see who was sat in that particular seat. If it was someone suitable, they would then kick in the relevant stop without warning later in the service and see what reaction it provoked.

Good, clean fun.



Once had the experience of a full home cinema Meridian DSP speaker system, 5.1 surround sound, etc.

There’s a scene in Stars Wars II “Attack of the Clones”, when a seismic space depth charge explodes amongst an asteroid field. Never heard a noise like it before or since.

You feel it more than hear.

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Excellent - when I was running my speakers in I was advised to give them some volume as they enjoy it. I duly put on The Stranglers Black & White , cranked it up and left the room. I heard an almighty explosion and heard the windows rattle - ran back into the room then realised it was a pretty good effect on the track “Tank”.

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No idea. Close to 20Hz. But to play bass and midbass with good quality, you need membrane area. My last speakers were PMC Twenty5.24. They were good for a small speaker, but it did not work at delivering the goods in the mid bass or bass region. A single seven inch driver is not enough. This is physics. But hey, not everybody want speakers the size of refrigerators either.

Listen to this. :wink:

Andrew McKenzie of Hafler Trio claimed swedish researchers found an orgasm inducing frequency but had no luck with it when he tried at concerts. I looked up the company name here in sweden, didnt exist. So he just had some fun. I believe Throbbing Gristle tried to make poeople sick at concerts with infrasound.

Daria Vaisman, a research editor at the New York Press told of an incident with Walt Disney and his team of cartoonists. They slowed down a 60-cycle tone in a short cartoon to 12 Hz; they became sick for days aftebward. A good example of extreme low frequencies that might be encountered is the church pipe organ. It can cause sensations of sorrow, coldness, anxiety and even shivers down the spine.

I witnessed a NASA space shuttle launch from about 3 miles away back in 1998. I wish I knew what frequencies I felt. Suffice it to say it was like successive waves of pressure and vibration washing over me. You could certainly hear the launch, but you could feel frequencies you couldn’t hear. Absolutely incredible!


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