How many carbon offsets do I need to buy to cover running my Naim 24/7?

This is a serious question, probably covered on the old forum but searching that is not easy.

So how much electricity does a big Naim PS consume if left always on. I have a 300 PS and 552PS. Is this information known or have any of you calculated it?



The Quiescent Consumption (running idle) is quoted in the 300 amp manual at 27VA.
The 552PS connected to a NAC552 is a hard find, its not spec’d when connected with the 552, it is shown connected to a 500 & quoted as 60VA, but the 500 idle amp draw is different to a 552

(VA = volt/amp & for your comparitive purposes ca be considered as a Watt)

I offset my heating bill by letting my Naim gear do its bit. Of course, in a hot climate, and especially running aircon, there would be no benefit, or a loss, but where I live, that isn’t an issue.

Thanks Mike, how is this value related to time? How many watts would be used in a day/month?


3 naim power supplies running 24/7 in my system uses around 80w in idle so 1.92kwh per day. This was measured.

I asked myself a similar question when I retired from 15 years travelling around Europe. I calculated that I needed to plant 4 acres of trees to offset all those flights … in the end I planted 3,000 willow and 800 other native hardwood in a 3 acre field I bought.
Now to offset my Naim addiction, I wanted to install solar (PV) panels, but I live in a listed building, so installed an air source heat pump, and continue to plant trees in my field - this is mainly gapping up with willow. I started this process in 2012: my first fuel wood should be ready in two years, in the meantime any prunings get chipped and used as mulch in my garden.


Hi SJB, 27VA assuming the PSU’s power factor is 1 = 27 watts
27 watts = 0.027kW/hr

The basic “unit” (1 unit) of electricity (what your bill is based on) is a kilowatt/hour (kW/hr).
1kWh = 1000 watts consumed for 1 hour.

This means your 300PS will run 37 hours on 1 unit of electricity .


Dont need to buy anything to cover your Naim emmisions. You can be more creative and also save money in the long run.
Example:how about our own emmisions? Humans can produce 30% less CO2 by switching our metabolism to burn fat instead of glucose. Any one can do this by switching to a low carb diet.
Burning more fat for your energy gives RQ=0.7 vs RQ=1 for burning glucose

The respiratory quotient ( RQ ) is the ratio:

RQ = CO2 eliminated / O2 consumed

where the term “eliminated” refers to carbon dioxide (CO2) removed from the body.


FWIW, there are electricity suppliers who claim that they supply 100% renewable electricity (or perhaps more specifically, that for every unit used, they ensure that a unit is produced & put on the grid from a renewable source). I use such a supplier, and in their case, they also claim that their gas supply is carbon neutral because they offset it via carbon reduction projects.

Maybe not quite a direct response to the original concern, but it might help.

Okay is my maths here wrong?


my bill shows I used 590 units last month. Presuming both power supplies use the same amount 0.027kW/hr I work this out at 1.3 units per day (which ties in with @Mrhappy real world measurment).

This means 6.6% of my monthly electricity is powering 2 power supplies or have I got a decimal error?


Hi again Sloop, don’t get too far ahead of yourself, my post earlier said the only power draw number I can find was the 300PS (27VA) , I said I can’t find what the 555PS draws when connected to a NAC552.

Sloop, I would like to see a consideration of the amount of carbon to be offset during the whole lifetimes of the products that you mention. This would include the carbon emitted in their design, manufacture, distribution, servicing, and eventual destruction after their (hopefully) long lives. However, I accept that such considerations won’t affect your running costs.


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If this is a real concern of yours I would suggest you sell your Naim. This isn’t meant to be serious right?

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Perhaps Naim should be doing this on behalf of their customers/ clients?
I can’t see any environmental or energy statements on their website. Are they out of step with their customers/clients?

It does tally with 2/3 of @Mrhappy figure.

Why do you infer I’m not serious?
I turn off my TV, my set top box, unplug my Bluesound plex, I put my Auralic Aeries in sleep mode, turn off unnecessary lights, use air source heat pump heating, reuse and recycle, walk and cycle.


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Good point and it would be good to have some data on this (@Richard.Dane?). I’m not worried about running costs just the environmental effect of the power consumption. It will certainly impact my future purchases. It would be useful if there were some information about the gains/ losses involved in selling on - they would be reused - and purchasing an environmentally cleaner system or keeping it for the long haul and so one less other brand’s unit is made.


I think you meant imply rather then infer.:wink:

No, I meant infer, as in “from what I said how did he deduce I’m not serious?”.



I have around 15kW of air source heat pump heating.

Anything that’s warm at idle will most likely be the highest consumer. In my case that’s the 250 and the ND5XS.

I purchased a static caravan and stopped flying aboard, I guess this counts as offsetting my carbon emissions.