How many defective 552 units is Naim going to send me?

Since I read you’re a mechanical engineer, any reply would be only show my ignorance. Thanks for the explanation

I’ve driven a number of japanese cars on test drives but always invariably they are disappointing -

BMW is a bit like Naim, I just knew it was the car for me within a few minutes…

I know exactly what you mean for both car & Hi Fi.

A rare estate version.


What is this thread about?


The car in the picture above is bringing a fresh 552 to the op.

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Omg, I know so little about cars, I was wondering if the Trabant was powered by nothing more than my line trimmer’s 2 strokes engine. Thank goodness the original engine was 500cc and it had 2 cylinders. :joy:

My little 2 strokes .28 (nitro) engine.


Here are two cars I drive, one is Japanese, one is German. One is exactly 40 years older than the other, they are both very reliable. Not too sure the link between cars and hifi Is particularly relevant :slightly_smiling_face:


The BMW is very, very pretty

The BMW looks fantastic.

They understood and innovated timeless design…



I haven’t warmed up to the large grill mesh of the 4-series. This is one trend I don’t like, personally. What does it do when an unfortunate animal jumps in front of the car? Hope we never have to find out.

Designer didn’t think about where the plate has to go?

And just to bring it back to topic. I haven’t had any issue with my naim yet. Thank God. :slight_smile:

An animal in front of any car is a tragic and painful accident.

The BMW is absolutely beautiful even with the plate, and more importantly drives fantastic.

many other companies try to copy the look without understanding what it is that really makes a BMW special.

So how many defective 552s are we up to now. :thinking:


23 BMWs. 14 Mercedes and 2 Toyotas :cry:


I’m sure it’ll be a grower. That grill is just a bit too obvious and the general design looks more Audi than BMW.

With due respect, BMW owned Land Rover between 1994 and 2000.
That’s now over 20 years ago and things, as far as I can tell by my own totally reliable Range Rover L405 model, things have changed!

You are right BMW did way back own Landrover … However, what I was referring to was in 2018 … and Tata … employed ex BMW executive to oversee the new plant. Which I understand has come online recently… They had such issues in the uk plant … with cars stacked outside awaiting repair - they had a dedicated team hunting the cars. The thing was … although they had a bar code and knew what needed doing to vehicle… apparently they had no way of tracking where the car was actually parked! My colleague actually spoke to guys hunting the cars … they were really pissed off…going round in ever decreasing circles… To quote my colleague … he was astounded at the way the vehicles needing repair were being treated… that UK plant in question is still operating.


Strange as it might seem I’ve owned two Discovery 2s, a Discovery 3, three Discovery 4s and a Freelander 2 over the years and the only issue was a positive battery terminal in need of tightening by the AA on the Freelander!
I now have a BMW and miss my LR. One day perhaps!

Recently I believed that I was going to have to take my Unitiserve into my local Naim dealership for repair. They asked me whether I still had the original packaging so that they could send it to Naim. If not they said they could source a suitable box for £70! They said that this was needed due to poor handling by the courier companies. This would seem to prove that there is a problem in moving items betweenNaim and their dealerships.