How many defective 552 units is Naim going to send me?

There is a problem moving any sensitive equipment anywhere with courier companies. Pack well to isolate the component from the box sides. Naim (and many others) use internal packing in their boxes to help this. You can do the same if you think about it and pack your own non Naim box.

If you are not prepared to throw your parcel out of a first floor window it’s not packed well enough!


That looks extremely aggressive. Sign of the times, probably.

I actually bought a Disco 4 in 2914 … some trouble…its ok now…its a great tow car but I miss my BMW…

Might have to start a Mk 2 of this topic to get back on track.


Living in the middle of nowhere I think I’ve lost a count of knocks on the door - excuse me mate - do you have a tow rope? Always happens just after I’ve washed the car too.

Yeah I have had that too…

I’m glad to report that I’ve received yesterday a new 552 unit that seems to be working perfectly well this time.

I’m told Naim has taken the issue very seriously and performed extensive checks before shipping this 552.

I hope to receive as well the reports from the returned units once they have been inspected to understand what caused the faults. Naim has committed to share the information.

Actually, this time, I’m not sure if my ears/brain is playing tricks on me but I feel this unit sounds even better. Very musical, lots of energy, separation and bigger soundstage, everything seems improved.

My system has never sounded so good ! :grin:


Been a long time BMW owner myself–on my 10th one, and its the best of the lot. All good. Word was, back in the day, when BMW “divested” itself of RR, that BMW concluded that there was not enough money anywhere to fix all the problems at RR. In the states, RR is known as a car that you lease–even more so than BMW. Owned most of my bimmers, dealer maintained, and typical 10 year ownership. Only one big problem in all that time, and covered 80% under good will, well out of warrantee.

Except BMW still own Rolls Royce @bailyhill

Are you sure you don’t mean when BMW divested themselves of MG Rover perhaps?

Ah yes, you are correct, should have written, "BMW divested themselves from Range Rover—perhaps the proper name is MG Rover in UK. In the US, we know them only as Range Rover.

Rolls Royce is rarely seen in the US also. Can’t remember the last time I saw one here. I used to commute on the Boston Beltway–ie RT 128 back in the day with my 1967 911S Porsche, and I would rarely have anyone pass me. One exception was An Wang, of Wang Computers, who would come up behind me in his Roller and I would yield the high speed lane to him.

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Bmw have many very well catalogued engine problems over the years - ranging from nikasil coating problems in cylinder bores (or was nikasil the solution? Can’t remember - but there was excessive wear I think), swirl flaps that got swallowed by the engine (happened to my bro’s car), the v10 M5 that is known to be catastrophically unreliable, lots of 2.0d problems and I had a 2003 525d e39 touring which blew a turbo just a month outside warranty and the goodwill payment was 20% parts only and no labour contribution. To be fair the other BMWs I have had over the years have been pretty good (though the i3 needed a fair bit of warranty work)

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For goodness sake, @AhTiong finally gets this thread back on track but then the rest of you start banging on about cars again!

Start a new thread in the Padded Cell if all you want to talk about is BMWs!


Yeah sorry…point taken…zip

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I have a new BMW 535i Touring but to be honest do you know the car I delight in driving the most - yes, the current Ford Fiesta 1.0 Titanium. Only 3 cylinders too! Holds the road well and is nicely screwed together.

I give up!


It’s a BMW thing Nigel. We just go where we like, no indication. Suddenly there we are.


That made me chuckle - you must be one of the best at taking threads off topic!

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Yep, We have an X5 and an X3. The X3 has a 2.0L diesel engine and reliably blows the turbo-charger every 67k miles. £1,500 a shot to keep replacing !

But I would hope I go off topic on occasion with something more amusing than BMWs, or when threads lose their impetus (e.g. the 272 replacement thread).

But we digress!