How many version of naim Hicap DR


I am to going to upgrade my SN2 with Hicap DR. I found the used one in 2012 version and the seller said it is the ordinal hicap DR in 2012, not the upgrade one, which, made me confuse how many version of hicap DR, please advise.

Thank you

The Hicap in the current casework was introduced in 2002.

In 2012 an updated version with the DR regulation came in.

It’s possible to send a Hicap from 2002 to 2012 back to the factory and have it serviced and upgraded to DR specification.

Once upgraded they are essentially the same so there’s only really 1 Hicap DR, albeit that some were built as DR form new and others were upgraded later.

Just be aware that Naim recommend a service every 10 years so a 2012 Hicap is due a service soon.

Hi Poom, I think what the seller is saying is that the hicap he has was bought as a hicap DR (changeover was 2012) rather than an older non DR version that went back to factory for a service/upgrade, i.e. it came from the factory as a DR version.

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Thank you very much.
yeah I have no worry about the warranty. The reason is I am going to buy it from Germany website and ship to Thailand, so there is no warranty anyway here as not buying it from original dealer here ( Price of Thailand dealer is 2100 UK pound TT)

Thank you :relaxed:

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by the way, brought the teddy cap last year to upgrade the SN2 but quite disappoint…
I think with teddy cap, it loose the naim signature sound, the bass control/impact is worse. The image of vocal (which is, to me, the strength of naim gear) is less focus with teddy cap. Hope this time i go to the right direction with hicap-dr :joy:

It’s not warranty that’s important but the fact that within a year from now the unit should be serviced. Naim recommend a service every 10 years.

An un-serviced Hicap will degrade sound wise although it will still work. In extreme cases the Hicap will actually degrade the sound of the it it’s powering and you would be better off using it bare.

If I were you I would be looking at a newer one as the logistics of having it serviced from Thailand are likely to be challenging.

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As you are in Thailand you should remember - as Richard wrote above - that hicaps need servicing roughly every ten years. That would be very expensive if you need to ship it to the U.K. for servicing. If I were you I’d get one that has been serviced and recapped recently, then you can forget about it for years.

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oh I just know that the hicap dr have to be service every ten years to maintain the quality :sweat:
is this also apply to other naim power supply?

It applies to just about any piece of kit with capacitors - especially electrolytic. However, in this case, the Naim ones to be most mindful of are power supplies and power amplifiers (especially the regulated power amps - NAP135, 250, 300, 500)

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Richard, I had thought that the main issue was with power amplifiers with regulated power supplies. In particular, the degradation of a capacitor in the regulator rendering the regulator into a quite nice oscillator giving the horrible muzzy sound quality at first and then squeals and buzzes later. Hence, unless the amps are left on 24/7 it seems odd that the reservoir capacitors would go south in this period.

Martin, certainly the regulated power amps tend to go “off” pretty steeply when servicing is due, whereas the unregulated amps can stay sounding pretty good for many years after falling from optimum performance. The capacitors do age though regardless of whether on or off…

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It’s correct, i received a new HiCap DR in Sept 2012, i reckon production started in summer that year

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