How much for what format

I’ve tried to look this up properly, but it’s not definitive. So is anyone aware how much the actual artist will get as a % of a record sale vs a stream?

When I stream an album I like on Tidal I tend to buy the LP, thinking this way the artist gets more of a cut. But now I’m not sure it’s so simple.

I still prefer having the choice, and am a collector anyway, but would prefer to listen guilt free.

It varies from platform to platform (that is, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Apple, Google, do not all pay the same amount for a given track per play).

I’m quite sure that if you buy the cd or LP at retail the artist gets more than if you stream it a few times.

Thanks. It’s the ‘few times’ bit I’m interested in…I think it’s a bit complex to work out and too many variables…as an example, the new album by Jake Xerxes Fussell (Good and Green Again)…I love this digitally so bought the LP, and actually prefer the stream. So have listened to it many times more digitally than the LP

Sounds like you’re doing your best for the artist by both buying a physical copy then streaming. Sure, the artist doesn’t make much from streaming, but the extra plays will help their statistics and raise their profile.


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Unless you stream in the millions, it’s pitiful - typically less than half a cent per play.

This is slightly old, and Qobuz isn’t quoted (but I believe it’s in the same ballpark).

I have a self-imposed rule that if I stream something more than twice I’ll buy it (if available). From an artist’s point of view Bandcamp is by far the best route to a Ferrari and a villa in Monte Carlo.


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