How much humming is normal? SuperLine phono stage

I just wanna know how much hum or noise is normal if you increase the volume.
my system is a supernait2 with hicup2 + SuperLine with hicup2.
if I turn the volume to 12 clock the noise or humming increase. is the volume on 9 clock the noise is very low but you can hear it clearly.
is there a earthing problem?

thanks for your answers

Mine is eerily quiet, but I can easily make it hum, if I move the Superline closer to an amp or power supply. Of course, It could be a T/T/arm/cart earthing issue, but make sure the Superline is away from anything noisy first. Also a touch of capacitance can help too (use a 1nF plug).

Hi Thales,

Are you referring to humming from the Superline box of though speakerS?




if you choose the SuperLine connected input, is there no humming at your systems with the volume at 12 clock?
my supernait2 is quite till 9:30 . in my system the hicups are not nearby the sn2 / SuperLine.

The further away the SuperLine is from power supplies the less hum it picks up.

At loud / silly attenuation levels there will be some hum at idle (from the cartridge, cables, etc) But these are not really ‘usable’ volumes (past 10 o’clock on my amp).

So all in all… a well positioned Super`line should be quiet.

I confirm that moving away SuperLine from other components that have power supply keep humming at lower level. I tried my SuperLine in a two racks configuration and this humming was much lower.

@Thales what do you think about the performance of Superline/Hicap , i currently power my SuperLine straight from 282 and i am interested in views about this combo.

Great information here - I will be stacking my equipment in two Fraim stacks soon. I need to upgrade my phone stage, and believe I will go with SuperLine. I need help deciding which preamplifier to choose for Superline. Is this a valid question for this thread?

My setup is 500 DR, 272 streamer with 555PS DR. I will be upgrading turntable later. TIA

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