How much of your total system budget on speakers?

We could go on and on, is a smart watch a watch or a system? :joy:.

Naim just increased their prices so the % for speakers dropped to 24%. :thinking:

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Currently 20%

I agree, things change, at the beginning of this thread I commented on the Kef LS60 representing 100% of outlay. It just happens to be an active speaker with a steamer.

It does have the ability to connect another source to it, so one might add a turntable (with built in phono stage) for £600 and drop the relative percentage to 90 or so % from the original 100%.

Which now leaves me to ponder to I include my subwoofer in the cost percentage , or is that not a speaker? It’s certainly active but is the argument then that it isn’t full range, which then opens a whole new argument , is s speaker only a speaker if it’s frequency response is x to y….

If it’s got a cone on it its a speaker , oh it hang on what about panels ……

Salmon for me please :yum: ATB Peter

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Nice, took a double take but will leave as is in admiration of the quick response.

Maybe that’s a class a powered active speaker with a grill?

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Surely all parts of tge electric to acoustic energy conversion should be counted as speaker…. You have a sub because your main speakers don’t go right to the bottom, so how can you not include them? That they are active is a bit different from main speakers being active because it is the only way to have a sub alongside main.

But how to count active main speakers is a significant question, to which I haven’t thought of an answer (myself having actively driven speakers, with no passive crossover so there is no passive option. In my own estimate of 45% of my system cost being speakers (today’s replacement value), I only included the transducers in their boxes, and not the active XO, nor any amps.

I have to agree with @Innocent_Bystander here. An active streaming loudspeaker also contains a streaming board, and an integrated amplifier. Therefore your money is split between these components. It’s not like you get them for free. You just don’t know what the internal components cost you essentially.

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If I may…How do you find the Marantz?

Kef ls 50 meta £1000
Kef ls50 wireless active £2000


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Good luck using this method for all active streaming loudspeakers. I suppose it’s just lucky that there is a version of these with, and without, so you have an idea of the division of your funds.

Not my funds. Just an example

Dali also do active versions.

RUBICON 8 C £7,700

Rubicon 8 £5,600

dali rubicon 2 c £4,000
Rubicon 2 £1,900

Interesting change in system to speaker ratio as the speaker gets more expensive.