How much space

We’re about to reorganise the living room and one potential layout would involve me moving my supernait from the Hifi rack (which we wouldn’t need) and sliding it into a large oak unit in place on one of the drawers. This would mean not a lot of space at the sides or above the supernait and a the unit is closed in at the back. The front would not be closed in. My worry is that the supernait could get hot as there wouldn’t be enough air around it. How
Much of a problem would this be?

I should have added that to me it looks similar to having the supernait in an isoblue rack but closed in at the back.

I’ve had my SuperNait for years in a cupboard and it was never hot inside. This was the sn1 which has a digital circuitry which does dispose a bit heat.

I have a 252/SC/250 in a closed cabinet (well, holes at the back for wiring and some ventilation). Everything stays quite cool until I switch on my HDX (digital circuitry, again), then I have to leave the door open.

Provided nothing is placed immediately on top of it I imagine it will be okay but any piece of proper Hi-Fi equipment is going to sound better for being on a dedicated rack. The SN is a superb amp, do you really want to compromise its performance?

If living room aesthetics dictate cupboard life for your amp, you may wish to consider an isolation shelf/ platform to sit between shelf and amp. I was in someone’s home today and noticed they have done this in a glass shelved rack. I don’t know anything about these hence unable to offer advice on specific products.


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