How much would you discount a second hand item in terms of year of production

This may be close to a forum rule violation if so I apologize in advance. I am looking for a 300 to upgrade my 2 250s used in my old active setup. There is a very small market for Naim gear second hand in Denmark but some 300s show up in Europe. The question if is a unit is dr, witch it must be to be of interest, how much would people find that let us say a 2012 dr upgraded 300 should be cheaper than a 2017 model that is dr from the start. The only Naim item I have had problems with is my ns01, all other items have worked without any problem, only recapping or dr upgrades have been done to my pre and power amps. And since 2010 300s can be serviced easily my feeling is that a few years should not make much of a difference, but of course the older the amp is the closer to a recap tour to hq it is with the cost of that being important.
Basically I want a 300 but I am not sure the price is right!

If the 2012 wasn’t serviced when the DR was done, it will need servicing in three years, whereas the 2017 won’t need doing until 2027. So you’d expect it to be a bit cheaper. But if was serviced when DRed the difference might be a bit less. There is no fixed price list and it really depends on supply and demand where you live.


That was also my first thought. But mailing with the seller I tried to find some kind of Naim documentation for recapping intervals, and this connection article seems to say modern black gear can run for 15 years as a rough guide:

Fair enough, but my general comparison still applies.

I’m dubious on the 12/15-year servicing for later kit - driven by the need to re-cap the PSs. I’d say 12 at most to ensure no fall-away in performance.

If you can access UK fleabay, then you can look at some of the ‘Completed Listings’ for your target kit. I’d also advise monitoring the site for a couple of months as the prices for 2nd-hand do have a basis & sense from what I’ve seen. Some appear to ask ~75% of new price for Reference (500) Series kit which is <2Y’s old and from what I’ve seen this is far too much, especially noting the 75% is current price.

Of course, you can make yourself known to some UK dealers if you want to source from the UK(?). I found many to be helpful, as they often get trade-ins with good provenance.

A certain dealer in St Albans has a large stock of equipment of various ages which should allow you to see the difference age, DR and servicing has on used values.

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