How obsolete is the CDX2.1 DAC?

I have sitting at home a very fine CD player of 2003 vintage which at the time was deemed very high end but how does it stand up today against some of the finest stand alone DACs?

With an XPS feeding it lots of high quality power I’d like to think it still takes a lot of beating despite its age.

Still use our olive CDX, there may be more refinement these days, but blimey it rocks!


I’m following the same logic with my CD player that I did with my cassette deck in that it’s better to keep it than to have to go try find something as good or better later down the line when I decide I want to revisit those older formats!
I took my CD5 XS out of my main system within the last year or so with a mind to let it go but I’ve subsequently kept it and will use it in a second system as it still sounds lovely and works without issue, I’d imagine that should it need it then it could be serviced back at Naim HQ for some years to come and continue to be of use and enjoyment to me.
If the player you have is working and still giving you enjoyment theres really no need to change a thing!


I had the same feeling about my CD2…lovely little beast. Looking forward to its return from service.


The CDX2 uses the same DAC chip(s) as in the ND555 (the PCM1704K) , albeit a slightly lesser grade. Sure the analogue output stage and analogue filtering is a little different, and the CDX2 uses the hightly regarded bespoke Pacific Microsonics DSP optimised for CD as opposed to the more generalised Analog Devices SHARC DSP in the ND555 - the CDX2 is a cracking player.

So there you have it, so obsolete they kept the rest aside for their best streamer and stopped producing the CDX2. I have both and I won’t be selling the CD player, I even bought it a full fat Fraim shelf to keep it happy in a second system that otherwise uses Fraim Lite, the streamer got the ps though.

My 2008 vintage CDX2 (+ XPS DR) still provides everything I want from music. I was knocked out the day I first heard one (I was upgrading from a Cyrus DAD player with additional PSX Supply - no slouch itself) - there was just so much drive as well as copious amounts of detail. The XPS DR was a great upgrade from the original XPS and then just recently I went Full Fraim and I think the CDX2 has gained the most from the upgrade. I’ve never listened to a CDS3, CD555, NDS or ND555 (no point as I do not want to contemplate that amount of expenditure) - but they really would have to be something else to provide me with more enjoyment than CDX2. I just hope it can be serviced / repaired when / if needed.

Love my CDX2/XPS2 to bits and it’s always been my preferred presentation. Frankly if it plays music and you enjoy it then it’s only obsolete in a rather narrow and pointless sense.


I love my CDX2, but let’s be honest it is obsolete… it’s not made any more, and key components in it are no longer manufactured… but that doesn’t stop it sounding wonderful…

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18 years and going strong (and a damn sight more resilient than the rest of my system). It’s a very different sound but the NDX2/XPS2 looks the closest alternative.

Quick look online, there are a few dealers still selling NOS CDX2.2s. Although at £4.5k.

Great player. Took a CDS3 for me to sell mine.

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