How often cleaning Vinyl with machine


I washed all my old records with my Pro-Ject VCS2 and also wash all the new directly.

How often do you wash your records after an first cleaning?

Usually once whether I buy it new or second hand - then stored in poly-lined anti-static sleeves.


Once only and then a new anti-static inner sleeve.

Once only too. If you handle them carefully, and store them promptly after playing, shouldn’t be necessary to clean them again.

Yep agree only needs doing once then use a carbon brush to keep the dust off before and after playing. I use a DS Audio Ioniser to keep static off the record while playing, then put back in poly-lined anti-static Mofi sleeves :+1:

I clean only once also but will clean again if any pops, clicks or snags develop.
For instance, the LP Natty Dread by Bob Marley played okay for months after its first clean but developed a snag on side 1 last track. So it got another clean, problem solved.

Interesting consensus in this thread. After I had got rid of my vinyl, and made comments on this forum about wear of vinyl causing increased surface noise, received wisdom was that it was most likely due to dust, despite my care in handling including wiping with a (very lightly) moistened velvet pad before every play. If the reference to dust rather than wear was correct, it suggests cleaning significantly more often than just the once (I assumed people who talked about the need for a cleaning machines once them per play!) For reference most of my LPs likely had many many 10s of plays, my favourites having hundreds.

Occasionally a second hand LP needs an extra clean to reach an acceptable level of surface noise but once cleaned an LP only has 20-25 minutes to collect dust before the side change and being out back in its sleeve.
A carbon fibre brush should easily waft any dust off a cleaned record that is grease and dirt free. This should be all the ongoing maintenance needed.

I keep my LP12 felt mat clean too as this helps keep the records dust free.

Like others I clean new records once on my Moth RCM before playing them, this helps to remove any residue from the pressing plant and reduces any static. Used records usually once then play them though if still rather noisy further cleans, some records I find are impossible to remove pops and clicks and of course you cannot do anything about a bad scratch. I very rarely get any build up of dust on the stylus when playing, I use a carbon fibre brush very lightly before playing. Any necessary stylus cleaning I do with a soft brush and/or green paper.

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I clean all new arrivals and if I find there’s a lot of paper debris or static holding the record in the sleeve they get two runs on the cleaner.
My LP’s get a repeat clean down the line if and when I think they need it. The room and the record mat are not dust proof so coupled with the rooms humidity and induced static from playing the records it’s inevitable that a re-clean will be required at some point.

I do much the same. I clean all records that I buy, new or used. Then they are cleaned as required.

Every time the record is out in the open air it attracts dust and although I brush each play some of it is going to stick to the record n my view. I think it is an odd concept that records only get dirty in someone else’s possession.

I also find that some records have a propensity for static and so attract more dust than others.

I clean all records before playing. Even brand new stuff benefits.
I always pour what’s in the liquid collection tank at the end into a clean pint glass and view what I’ve removed. Always surprised at the amount of solids and small bits of vinyl I collect.
Setting up the rcm is quick, so I see no reason to clean all stuff before I play. If it’s just one or two records, I’ll clean some older stuff that I know would benefit froma a wash.

That’s where your increased noise came from.


Well, that was the recommended thing to do way back whenever!

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