How old is your Vinyl

I’ve just listened to Judas Priest ‘Sad Wings of Destiny’ that I bought in 1976. Well I’m shocked it’s travelled all over the UK with me and apart from a few crackles it still sounds brilliant. I first played it on one of those mass market combo systems - god knows what needle violated it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Comments on a post card please if you are of an age … or instagram to your followers :wink: Hate that world. :upside_down_face:


Snap My First Album bought in 1976 Rastaman Vibrations, got no turntable at the moment but still looks good.

The First vinyl I bought it’s most probably Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene part IV on 7"… Released in 1977 in Italy. I was already listening to music since a couple of years but It was what I found home in an old Reader’s Digest turntable… We were poor at the time and there was no money for records really.
Needless to say I still own that 7" :grin:
First real LP was Kraftwerk’s The Man Machine…

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Leonard Cohen’s Songs Of Love and Hate, bought in 1971.

It has been played on turntables ranging from small Phillips to my first Stereo ( a Fidelity Turntable) to 2 Rega 3s , one LP 12, one Michell Technodec and now a Clearaudio Emotion,

Still plays well, not warped . Sounds great


Wonderous Stories by Yes blew my fourteen year old mind when I first heard it on Top of the Pops in 1977, and I had to have the album, Going for the One. It was my first ever record, I still have it, and I still play it regularly.


Range of stuff from the 70’S AND 80’s that accompanied me around Manchester and London played on an Akai turntable.
Then left vinyl alone for a long time - moved to Sydney- and opened the vinyl case again only two years ago- the vinyl hadnt seen the light of day since 1989
I now play it frequently and its still great- Stranglers, The Clash, Elvis Costello, Thin Lizzy, Alison Moyet, Tears for Fears

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Lots of stuff from the early/mid 60s including 10/- Marble Arch label blues albums from Woolworths which still sound amazing now they’ve had a clean. These have been played on seriously crap systems in my youth when I was mostly very stoned so plenty of surface scratches.
My theory is that my current posh Rega rig is using parts of the grooves that my old needles never got near!


I hope you have a good supply of Mike Absalom vinyl.

Most of my surviving LP collection was purchased in early/mid 70’s, condition variable but all playable, some singles survive from the 60’s


A present for my birthday in 1957 or 58 from my brother, it’s been played on all manner of equipment but still sounds amazing. I was always taught to never touch the playing surface and always to clean before playing, seems to have paid off!


I don’t have a ‘good supply’ of Mike Absalom vinyl, but I do have this one which I bought in the early 70s:

I can honestly say that it is definitely a ‘one of a kind’ in a ‘sort of good’ way! Nothing else in my record collection is remotely like it

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First album was Led Zep II bought with my first weeks wage after hearing “Whole Lotta Love” played by “Fluff” on POTPs. I’d never heard anything like it. It’s a first pressing on the plum label and stiil sounds great. Second was Stray’s eponymous first album. A brilliant band live and seen many times. Oh gosh, to be young again.


This is available on The River as CD and vinyl

Screenshot 2020-08-13 at 11.44.43

I lent my Hector to someone and never got it back, though I did buy a CDR direct from Mr Absalom , As a CDR it played on my BluRay player and not my Naim CD player.

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While I now have older vinyl, the first record I git was S&G Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme. 1969. And every time I play it I am astonished how well I have actually looked after records! A heavyweight CBS copy pressed in Jamaica it is much much better than it should be after all its travels through my life.

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Looking after them in the key - great to pull out something so old and it still sounds fantastic

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Of course, I now have quite a number of albums that pre-date these, but I’m pretty sure that these albums would have been my first purchases when I was given a present of my first ‘Hi-Fi’ system back around 1970:


Medicine head

then probably:




I still have them all to this day, although I’m now on my 3rd vinyl copy
of ‘Atom Heart Mother’, as well as versions on CD & high resolution files.

As a young teenager, I was also subscribing to 3 or 4 Hi-Fi magazines, much to the amusement and puzzlement of the rest of my family.

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My earliest vinyl from the mid 70s went across the Atlantic, then to the West and back via Felixstowe and it still looks and plays pristine. A miracle !

This was the first record I ever bought, in early 1974 as an 11-year-old. It cost 40p, I think. I bought it with pocket money after seeing Cozy performing it on Top Of the Pops.

Cozy Powell on drums, Chris Spedding on guitar, Suzy Quatro on bass, Mickie Most in the producer’s chair… it doesn’t get better than that!

i still have it and, and it plays great.


I should add, I think the oldest LP in my collection is a 1956-pressed RCA Victor Glenn Miller album, followed by I Play As I Please by Humphrey Lyttleton (Decca 1958 first press).

My oldest vinyl is 1976, Be Bop Deluxe, Sunburst Finish. I did have earlier albums, but got rid of them in the 80s!!! Have subsequently got newer versions, but BBD is original.

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