How portable is the Muso?

It is too heavy to be really portable. I should think that a Qb would be a better choice. There will no doubt be bargains there when the Qb2 arrives. I will be migrating from Mu-so to Qb2 for better portability when the time comes.

Agree – I would also go for a QB when available for cheap in the not so distant future. We have two QBs and are rather fond of them. :slight_smile:

Neither of the Mu-Sos are particularly light - in fact they’re really rather weighty, but I think that’s a good thing, underlining their solidity of build. Either can be reasonably managed and carried by one person though - the Mu-So a little more awkward due to its width, particularly when navigating doorways. For all that, I would favour the QB, mainly because it’s easier to place thanks to not just a smaller footprint, but also it’s a bit more forgiving of positioning to get the best sound.

Thanks for the prompt and helpful replies.
The QB is a good thought and would do the job. My main reservation is that at the moment an ex dem Muso seems to be about the same price as an ex dem QB. I guess that’s because the QB2 has yet to appear? The issue of size is not a problem as I’m a big bloke and would only have to lug it 20 yards or so through double patio doors.
Richard’s point about placing for sound is making me think twice, though my kitchen is quite large at 22’ x 15’ so there’s a lot of scope for positioning if it isn’t too critical, and I would think the Muso would cope better blasting it out in the open air.

The Mu-So is a great piece of kit. If you really don‘t mind lugging a large heavy piece of great kit in and out you will be very happy with it, especially in your kitchen. You could start with a Mu-So and even add a QB1 when a good offer comes around!

And answering your other question, providing the WiFi outside is the same SSID and password as inside, then the muso (or a Qb) will reconnect automatically when you turn it on. It takes maybe 10 or 20 secs only. (It turns on much faster if it’s already connected to the WiFi.)


Thanks - that’s good to know. The main issue with my current box is that every time the power goes off you have to set it up from scratch!

Don’t think you’ll have any trouble with moving a Muso about. I carried mine up and down my stairs for a while until purchasing a qb and then atom. Take care with volume outside as unlike other all-in-one systems you can push it too far. I somehow blew a bass driver. Re-Connectivity can take a full minute after changing power points… but this may have more to do with your WiFi router and it’s priority of devices. That’s my experience anyway.

I agree fully with @chefandyg. I have a MuSo and to move it, is at least for me, less difficult than moving around a vacuum cleaner. And I am sure you will not regret it.

Having just purchased a Muos 2 myself, I would say it’s a bit too heavy to be moving around. The QB seems like it would better fit for your use case. I am also an owner of a Squeezebox Boom and Radio. You did not state the nature of your problem with the Boom. Is it a server issue or a hardware problem with the Boom? For what it’s worth, I have been using the Daphile OS for several years and it’s rock solid as a Logictech Squeezebox server. I even use it with my new Muso via UPNP. It’s better than the Naim Android/iOS app in my opinion.

Ciao Mike

Hi all and thanks for the helpful replies. There are both hardware and software issues with my Squeezebox Boom. For a while now if you breathe heavily near the power lead it cuts out and you have 5 minutes of delicate jiggling for it to deign to accept power and start working again. When it does power up you have to keep pressing buttons to connect to wifi, get an ip address etc. etc. which is tiresome to say the least. Lately it has refused to play Radio 4 - Radio Paradise and all other stations are fine. It used to play Radio 4 at lunch time but not in the morning and would sometimes connect if you searched for it via menus rather than the preset button but that no longer works!

Basically it’s telling me it’s had enough, which is not unreasonable given that I paid £130 for it 10 years ago and it was second hand then. It’s been great and does pretty much everything that the Muso does but at lesser sound quality; anyway it seems like a good time to upgrade to a Muso and I am still leaning towards a full fat Muso rather than a QB as there is now only about £100 between them.

@pev999 I have the same problem on occasion with the power lead to my Boom. Considering the issues you’ve been having and the attractive price of the Muso Gen 1, I too would move on to the Muso. Enjoy the music!

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Some of you may remember a thread that I ran a few months ago on the lines of how portable is the Muso? The issue being that I needed something that could double as a kitchen radio and a music source for outdoor parties given that I have power and wifi in the garden. The consensus was that a Muso QB would suit my needs.
As so often on this forum, the advice was sound - a Muso QB arrived this morning and was making music within minutes and the wife acceptance factor is off the scale - thanks to all! A great deal on brand new first generation QB - there are quite a few out there at around £500 ex dem.
The title is a bit of a pun as I wanted to post this on the old thread to close it off in relation to the original context and discussion as well as to report the closure of my quest. Unfortunately the thread was locked due to no posts for 2 months. Given that many of the queries relating to Naim products may only be resolved by spending fairly large sums of money, it can’t be unusual for a resolution to be achieved only after a fairly long time. I’m not sure what closing a thread due to inactivity achieves as it is still there but locked to new posts. Any comments @Richard?

Pev, I’m pleased too hear this has worked out well for you.

As for threads, they automatically close after 2 months of inactivity. It stops old threads from re-starting and members addressing issues that may be long past and already solved. As ever, if a member wishes to re-open one of their old threads, just flag it up to me and add a message to say you’d like me to re-open it and I’ll do so ASAP, unless there’s a good reason to keep it closed.

As it is, I will merge this thread with the old one, which I will re-open for you.

No, but then I’m not Richard Dane, the administrator.

Thanks to Richard D and sorry to Richard - I assumed our esteemed leader would have grabbed the name.
The Muso is sounding way better than expected and I’m even enjoying party mode - multiroom is one of things that you don’t think you need until you try it.

If it’s any help for others in the same predicament I occasionally put my Muso in the back of the car and take it elsewhere when on house-siting duties. I did notice that going to a different network isn’t as easy as it is with an iPad etc, in that the Muso repeatedly drops off the app and needs to be re-added manually. Here’s that thread. - when I saw your thread title I thought it was my old one resurrected.

I’d expect - or at least hope - that moving it but remaining on the same network would be a bit smoother.

It’s too heavy to carry about, but moving from one place to another isn’t an issue with it.

I play mine outside all the time but I have a tiny house and yard so it stays inside. When I open the backdoor I have an outside music system. I can’t imagine lugging it around. Plus whenever it gets unplugged connecting again to wifi takes a while.