How reliable is the Uniti Nova?

Indeed. There is no HDMI “standard” and every TV manufacturer does its own thing. So Naim and others must paddle to keep up and add all the workarounds. There are a bunch of threads about this. You and @Zhenya should probably report your TV models to Naim support so that they know


The Nova is a great piece of kit.

Sound quality is very close to NDX 2 in my view.

Main issues have been to do with display glitches, frankly I don’t look at it much so it doesn’t bother me.

One thing I would say is that it is very well specced with inputs - if you don’t need them or intend to upgrade you may be better off going for the entry level streamer with separate pre/power or integrated.

I did and it worked great, thank you for your advice! So how to make the HDMI sound work without the issues on the Samsung TV: (1) use PCM audio; (2) Change eARC in the sound menu from Auto to Off

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Might work in your situation too - see the previous message

I have a Nova and a Core for 12 months now. I choose Naim for its quality, for its sound, for its dedication to improve systems through regular updates, its user interface with the App and also because it’s built in Europe.
Regarding Core I must say I’m very happy, easy to use and reliable in my opinion for someone having CD this is an excellent investment.
Now regarding Nova when there is no problems this is a fantastic integrated Streamer/DAC/Amp nothing to complain. The issue is “when there is no problems”. In 12 months there were:

  1. A noise problem in the background. The maintenance center in Switzerland tried to fixe it they didn’t succeed, then they sent it back to UK. It took at least one month to have another unit back.
  2. Impossible to setup the replacement unit with the remote control to make it running, so my dealer has to send it back again. (The unit sent wasn’t a brand new unit).
  3. A brand new unit was sent after few weeks and for around 6 months ran smoothly and I really enjoyed it until 2 days ago when all of a sudden the right channel stopped working. I did several test, reboots, invert the loudspeaker cables and there is no longer any sound produced for the right channel so I will have to send it back again.
    This is really annoying as you pay a certain amount to buy a product produce by a famous brand, and you are loosing trust in the reliability of the system you buy…
    In short, I’m an enthusiastic person ready to pay a fair amount to get a fair quality and not just a famous logo stick on a black box.
    Yes, so far I’m disappointed.

Paging @Naim.Marketing who will most likely have advice

As ever, first port of call should be the dealer.

Sadly sounds like a case of bad luck, as failures are rare. I spent my own ££ on a Nova which has been rock-solid, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

So sorry, @Antioche that you’ve had these issues - hope your dealer can find a swift resolution.

Unfortunately a recent software update introduced a new issue causing random reboots on all the new streamers, which is still to be fully resolved.

I am running my Nova with the newest firmware version of 23-09-2020 without any problems and random reboots.

Yes, luckily this exists as well and may well be the overwhelming majority. Might be related to particular usage patterns, it affects some people a lot. The next firmware update, currently in final testing, will hopefully fix it for all.

Might be related to particular usage patterns, it affects some people a lot.

That might be true as the bugs are typically in specific functions.

However, I am using Qobuz (and was using Tidal) and Webradio through the Naim app, Airplay 2 from my iPhone to stream fro the BBC Sounds app, Audirvana through UPNP, my CD player through optical and cinch inputs. What I am not using is Chromecast and Spotify, which means there is not much left and the problems might be caused by a problem in the firmware update process which have been resolved in the latest update - I did it only once when I installed the Nova.

IIRC, one instance found in the beta group was caused by transitioning between two specific tracks (but may not have occurred immediately, but some time later). A person having this in their playlist might trigger it frequently but would still not easily pinpoint it, anybody else would most likely never trigger this one. It’s difficult :slight_smile:

I am also very happy with my Nova. I’ve had it for only a couple of weeks. But so far
I ain’t got any problem. The sound is brilliant with plenty of details and a deep tight bass.

Hello madame,
As there is no info in your “Bio”,
what´s your current (main) system?
as i see it , by reading different threads, Nova + Focal speakers?
thank you.

That’s Clare’s second system, she has a 300DR driving Sopra 2s in her main system if I remember other posts.

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Well remembered!

Yes, main system is ND 555 + 555PS + NAC 552 + NAP 300 + SOPRA 2
Second system is Uniti Nova + Kanta 2
Plus a Mu-so Qb 1st Gen in the mix.

There’s a couple of turntables, too, but that’s the core Focal and Naim set-up!


Got to make an audition. Thank you for the info

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Out of curiosity. May I ask what the turntables and phono stages are?
Or are you not allowed to mention non Naim/Focal product?

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I can mention them, yes, but I have to think about product names/numbers, whereas the Focal and Naim products are seared into my brain! Technics SL-1500C with the Uniti Nova; Clearaudio Innovation with the main system - currently with Clearaudio phono stage but planning to move to Naim Superline.

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Obviously when the Naim turntable comes out you’ll replace both. :grinning:

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