How’s the new update for Uniti working for you?

My Atom was doing fine and the last two days has begun acting up again. Again the volume adjustments no longer show and also my Mu-so Qb no longer shows. Yesterday the same happened, I unplugged and waited, no better. Then I did a hard re-set and that resolved the problem. Now today again same thing. So I guess I again do a hard re-set. Is this classified as the screen freeze and should I check out the beta fix?

Yes. A hard re-set again resolved the issue. Now again my Qb shows on multi-room and the volume levels show as I change. It’s a pain because you lose your pre-sets each time.

My HDMI input is completely useless after the last update. It works sometimes but doesn’t allow volume changing from the tv remote. I finally gave in and went out and got a long optical cable for the tv so I can actually get some stability back. I’m done with messing around with it. It worked flawless for a year of ownership then i loose functionality like this… I absolutely love this product but this has really tested my patience.
I completely understand why my wife would think it is faulty and needs sending back… makes me look like a complete fool telling her it Is ok and will be fixed in the next update.


I feel ya…

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