How Should HDMI Work

I am new to Naim Uniti Atom and looking for some HDMI insight. I am on the 3.6.0 firmware.

I noticed when the Atom is turned off and I turn my TV on (connected via ARC HDMI) the Atom will turn on, switch to the correct input (HDMI) and the sound will begin playing after a few seconds. I can adjust the volume via the TV remote or my set top box remote (the set top box is connected to the TV via a different HDMI input).

What does not appear to work is when the Atom is already on and set to a different input (e.g. Tidal, Internet Radio, etc). I turn on the TV and the Atom does not change inputs to HDMI. Is this the prescribed outcome? Because I would expect the Atom to auto change inputs to the HDMI input give the ARC connection.

Thanks, David

Have a look in your settings at audio inputs > HDMI. You can select whether the Atom auto switches from any input or only when on HDMI.

Thanks Mark,

It is set to Auto switching. So perhaps this is a bug given the HDMI input does not engage when the TV is turned on when another input is in use at the same time.

I think this setting means, “auto switch (on/off) when HDMI input is selected”.

There’s also an “on any (selected/active) input” (translated from German) option, which I think will do, what you want.
It’s not default, since people may consider the behavior disrupting, when listening to other sources.

Yes that’s correct you need to select “on any input” to have auto switching work every time.

Ok, I feel I was not understanding the toggles under HDMI Auto Switching in the iOS app.

I only see the two choices: “HDMI Auto Switching” and “On HDMI input”.

On: HDMI Auto Switching/On HDMI input
Step 1: TV turned off
Steps 2: currently chrome casting music
Step 3: turn TV on = no change to chrome casting (does not switch to HDMI input)

On: HDMI Auto Switching/On Any Input
Step 1: TV turned off
Steps 2: currently chrome casting music
Step 3: turn TV on = changes to HDMI input (slow reaction, took a few seconds, but it worked)

Thanks for the help.

Naim Support Team - is this included in your help/support tool? I did not see it when I looked here: Uniti Atom Support | Naim Audio

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