How stack 272 | XPS DR | 250 DR

In few days I will install the XPS DR in my system composed of 272 and 250 DR.
I have a full Fraim.
But I’m totally new to the burndy that will connect the 272 and the XPS DR.
I’m wondering if there is a best stack arrangement for avoiding interferences and allows the burndy to lay with limited “stress”.
Option 1: bottom-top, 250 DR | XPS DR | 272
Option 2: idem, XPS DR | 250 DR | 272
Side-by-side is not an option.

my preference would be…

250 DR


That’s what I’d do too, though the Burndy will need to be tied in a loose knot to keep it off the floor. For optimum SQ, a spare shelf between the 250 and 272 is ideal.

There is a reason for order. The preamp streamer contains sensitive signal path stages ans should be at the top of your 3 box stack. 272 Top

Then the main amp should be above your power supply. So 250DR next followed by power supply XPSDR.

Hope this explains why as well.

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Ciao Nigel, happy to read you

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Thanks everyone, it seems everyone agrees on option 2.

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Enjoy the XPSDR!

We had that stack. The PSU improves the 272 a great deal.

FWIW, I have XPS DR at the bottom, then 272 and at the top NAP 250DR… But only because I use Naca5 as speaker cable…

That’s a lovely EMF sandwich :frowning_face:

See what you mean, but can it really matter? :thinking: I don’t have a Frame rack so the distance between the units is a good 15 centimeters if not more.

Yes. The transformers emit upwards/downwards the most so in theory you should benefit having the 272 on the top in such a setup. Or at the bottom. Not in between.

Personally, I don’t think it produces any audible effects, but unsworn is the best, just have to try it then :slightly_smiling_face:

Moving power supply out of the main box is an improvement. Putting them further apart as brains and brawn side by side is another improvement :blush:

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I have the 272 on the top shelf. Then empty shelf. then 250DR, and 555PS on bottom shelf.