How to add album artist and/or jpeg album art to purchased wav ablum?

My Uniti Core is up and running. I purchased a wav format album directly from an artist’s website. Artist website advised that metadata may not be available so they provided jpeg album art. On my Core, the name of the album shows up, but the name of the artist does not, it reads “Content” instead. Does anyone know of a way to at least add the artist name so I can sort my albums by artist? Would also like to add the jpeg album artwork too. Finally, if there is third party app that does this, I’d love a recommendation. I’ve looked on the Naim app and there appears to be no option to edit anything.

Go to the album you want to edit at the top right corner you should see three dots press these and the first screen shot should appear press edit metadata and use the menu as shown, you should see some instructions on the screen popup as well.

Hope this helps.

It’s a download so you need to use your computer to edit the metadata. I’d recommend dBPoweramp, which is a powerful editor and easy to use. Just google dbpoweramp and you’ll find it.

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