How to attach an Ethernet cable to NDX2

Stupid question, but I have been using my NDX2 wirelessly from a router. I now want to use an Ethernet cable. Do I just plug the cable in or do I need to configure the NDX2? Was thinking that the NDX2 would have two different inputs if I just plugged the cable in (wired and wireless)

Just plug the cable in, connect the other end to your router or switch, and you’re done.
If the streamer can’t be found by the app afterwards, restarting the router may be required.

Yes, the wired connection should override the WiFi so no setup required as such

Just to explain a bit more, as Hollow says, the NDX2 will detect the ethernet cable plugged in and switch off the NDX2’s WiFi, so it’s all automatic.

Similarly if you change your mind and want to go back to WiFi, just unplug the ethernet cable and after a short while the WiFi should restart and connect automatically. If it doesn’t then I would restart the NDX2. You shouldn’t need to restart the router too unless having restarted the NDX2 it’s still not connecting to the network.



Thanks guys

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