How to change settings on SuperUniti w dead display

My SuperUniti display has been dead for years, any ideas as to how to change settings, specifically, ‘speaker’ settings, ie Internal only/ external/ all outputs.

Anybody recorded the sequence of key clicks using the Remote Handset?

I’ve actually managed to set it to ‘external’, which isn’t what i want, and now cannot seem to get it back.

Regards all.


Have you checked on the Naim app? You can change some settings on there.


Unfortunately you are deadly correct, only ‘some’ settings can be changed on the app. Neither could I find a reset to defaults except via the selfsame settings menu.


I’m sure someone with a Superuniti would be able to guide you through this using theirs to work out the button presses required. I no longer have mine, so can’t help, I’m afraid.
At a push, you could work it out from the manual, which describes the on-screen menu in some detail.

You could email Naim - they could then work out the sequence of button presses you need to make.

Thank you Chris, I was hoping someone with a SU might pop up and give me 10 min (maybe 5) of their time. There’s a timezone issue and I’d be glad to make the international call, or whatsApp, Skype, Face time . … . .

I tried from the manual and reached the ballpark, hence the change from ‘internal only’ to ‘external’.

Rajeev (timezone UTC + 5:30hrs, It’s 2240 here in Mumbai while it is 1810 in London and 1710UTC)

Hi Richard,

The intention is to bi-amp my DIY 3 ways (Troels Gravesen designed SBA 10 built faithfully to the original spec with impressive results.) using SU internal power amp for bass driver + recently acquired NAP 250DR for mid + tweeter.

I’ve got a mail draft going for NAIM support, but that encompasses a few other things that need attention, the SU Pre-out needs fixing, I think I destroyed it by being lazy and blindly scrabbling about with speaker cable which i think i unintentionally shorted, thereby busting said Pre-out. I’m pretty sure they were not interconnects, but they were speaker cables. I’ll probably complete the mail before bedtime.

For completeness of info, the SU is working perfectly apart from the display, and Pre-out.


A few questions:

  1. When pressing the settings button (spanner symbol) on the Handset do we always get page 1 (Language) of 11? or is possible to leave the settings menu in an improper manner thereby affecting what menus the first press of the spanner button comes up?

  2. Does the Up/Down scrolling roll over if one keeps scrolling in the same direction, ie scrolling down the settings list, 1, 2, … 8, 9, 10, 11, 1, 2, 3 . . . . or would this stop at 11?

Hi, I think if you can find someone with a Superuniti, the safest bet would be to get them to talk you through the sequence. I believe @davidhendon has one, perhaps he would be able to step in?

I’m happy to try to help, but it will need to be tomorrow. I don’t know whether it matters what firmware version you are on. I have one SU on 4.6 and one on 4.7. You can check your firmware version using the app. A potential complication is knowing what the present setting is, but maybe we can work round that.



Hello David,

I’m on 4.6 and I’m almost certainly on - Amp Used: “external”

Please indicate the next step.

Thank you in anticipation . . . .


I video recorded one sequence for this very occasion!

If you need help let me know.

You could try YouTube perhaps someone ‘ weird’ Individual has already posted examples for the SU?


Yes I need help.

As it happens that’s what I made a video Of!

Let me check the sequence

Ok try this:
On the remote,

Press spanner
Press down three times on the four direction thing.

Press ok

Press ok again

If it’s on External then one down press on the four direction thing takes it All outputs, and another takes it to internal only and another takes it back to external only. So take it to the setting you want.

Press ok

Press ok again

Press spanner

Press spanner again

Now you are out of settings and it should work.




To get from External to internal only using the buttons on the facia

Press and hold ‘Ok’ for 3 sec
Press ‘down’ 3 times
Press Ok
Press Ok
Press ‘ up‘ Once
Press exit
Press exit

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It worked like a charm!


It would be a good idea to map out the whole menu system for the day when it does pack up.

When I have a moment I suppose

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