How to clear the cache from tidal etc on ndx2

Hi everybody, I am a new user of Naim Equipment (NDX2 + Superneat3 + Neat Momentum SX5i.
The sound is really really good, but sometimes I have the feeling that distortions appears , specially when listening classics.
Today I read that after a while it makes sense to clear the cache from tidal. But how does this work ?
Can someone help me ? Sorry for bad English, coming from Austria (not Australia).
The NDX2 is connected with lan cable directly to the router (Fritz box 7590), Download is appr. 100 Mbit/s, LAN cables are simple, nothing specially. Also here it should be worth to invest when I understand the forum.
Please let me know all secrets about streaming.

Further more shall I connect the old Sony CD player via opto to the ndx or via chinch to the Supernait 3 ??

Regards from Austria

Whilst I can’t advise on clearing the Cache (I’ve never attempted doing it) I can say that I’ve never experienced distortion on my identical NDX2 / Supernait 3/ Neat Momentum SX5i system.
I only listen to my own ripped and locally stored (NAS drive) classical music.
I wonder if you might tell us what music piece on Tidal shows distortion on your system so that I might compare on Tidal?
I’m currently in Australia and their English is no better than yours! LOL

I’ve just looked into clearing the Tidal Cache.
It appears that it should be done via the app on a computer or Mac.
Once logged into the app (on your computer), click on “Help” (in the top bar of the screen) and then go to “Troubleshooting” then “Clear Cache”.
I imagine this will clear the cache for all Tidal devices you use.

Regarding your old Sony CD player, I would connect it via optical to your NDX2.
Other people might disagree though!

The more complex classical music may be stretching the cohesion of the system, especially at higher volumes. That can only really be improved by adding separate power supplies, the XPS DR for the NDX2 and HiCAP for the SN.

That’s not to say the NDX2/SN2 isn’t a great system, but that the power supplies will give more cohesion and detail.

I’ve never cleared the cache on Tidal.

Thanks for your help, yesterday I was listening U2, I still have not found what i am looking for, Tina Turner , live in Arnhem the best, Raiders of the lost arc, Karen Souza and Diana krall, at the las ones, it was clearly To hear that the sound of the Voice was Not clean as it was on the beginning. So I have the feeling it gets worse.
What should be the Strategie to find improvements.
Any tip welcome

I think your profile is key, you say it is a 1 week old system. I think you need to let it settle down for a few weeks, you will get the odd up and down problems with the music. I think the tidal cache is a red herring.

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Hi Bendi,
I’ve just been listening to Karen Souza on my own 3 month old identical system via Tidal.
I am not hearing any distortion on the voice (vocals) on the tracks “Feels So Good”, Creep", “Strawberry Fields Forever” or “Do You Really Want T Hurt Me”.
They sound nicely produced and clear.
It is possible, as Gazza said, that with it being a new system, it will settle down.
Give it a couple of weeks and see if it improves.
If not, I’d speak to your dealer.

Hi Blyth, do you stream the file or do you use a NAS ?
If you stream, how ? Wireless or LAN?
I agree to wait a few weeks , on the other hand the ears are getting more and more sensitive.
And I try to avoid any issue which can reduce . Any tips on what I shall focus ?
On the pictures you can see my Setup.

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Your units are very close together. Try putting the amp on the lower shelf instead of the Sony. Plus try moving the hard drive so it isn’t sat directly on the ndx2.
What speaker cables are you using?

I listened to the Karen Souza streaming using Tidal.
My NDX2 is ethernet wired to a switch. My NAS for my own stored music is connected to the same switch.
My system is not perfectly situated with the NDX2 sitting directly on top of the Supernait 3.
My speaker cables are NACA5.
NDX2 is connected to the Supernait using the standard Naim cable.

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