How to connect a NAC32, SNAPS, pick-up and amplifier

Hi all, my father in law left us a pick-up, a Naim NAC32 and a SNAPS. We are trying to connect them to (the aux of) my amplifier but it doesn’t work and I must be doing something wrong. The NAC32 ports also don’t make sense to me as it is not clear how the SNAPS should be connected to power it: I only see “output” 4 pins and 5 pins connections as well as 2 pick-up tulip connections. But no “power” connection. Can someone tell me how to hook this up? My amplifier has tulips, I have a 5 pin to tulip cable, as well as a 4 pin to 4 pin, probably needed for the NAC32 to SNAPS connection. Thanks for helping out!

To power the NAC32 with the SNAPS you should connect a SNAIC4 to Socket 2 on the SNAPS and then to OUTPUT 2 on the NAC32. However you’ll need a power amp to drive the speakers. Which power amp are you using?

If you connect the snaps to the 32 as Richard says, you can then get a signal from the 32’s tape out into the HK. Bear in mind though that you will still be using the HK as preamp, with the Naim working solely as a phono stage. The 32 is a top notch preamp and way better than the HK. If you added a matching Naim power amp, such as a 110 or 140 you’d have a fantastic vintage amp. The snaps is rather elderly and is almost certainly in need of a service. I wonder if that makes sense.

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