How to connect/intergrate FLATCAP2X->CD5X and NAC202 and stageline

Dear all,
Maybe this question has already been answered but I could not find it.
At this point I am using a NAC202 powered by a HICAP. source is a CD5I. Now I would like to upgrade.
We are going to test a pre owned (loved) FLATCAP 2X and a CD5X as a source. Is there information how I should connect this? And is it correct that I can use the same FLATCAP 2X to power my stageline in the hope that also will sound better. And if so how is that connection made.
Hopefully you can help me. Thanks in advance.

All NaimNowledge is there…

Thanks, I tried looking it up there before I posted my question. I did not succeed.
I will try again. If more specific advice or information is on hand it would be very helpfull.

I am SURE the information is in there.

Those 2 should do it… But you need to read them… :expressionless:

It can be a bit confusing and worth a read of the manuals to familiarise yourself with connection options.

To get you started.

CD5X. Remove the link plug and connect a SNAIC5 between the Upgrade socket and Flatcap 2x Power Out B.

Stageline. I’m assuming you have the Stageline Output 2 connected to the 202 Aux2 in & pwr via a SNAIC5?

To use the Flatcap 2x, connect Stageline Output 2 to Flatcap Power Out A via a SNAIC5. Connect Signal Out A to the input socket you want to use on the 202 (say Aux2 in) via a 4 to 5 pin DIN interconnect.


Thanks sir. I now see the problem with my question.
The connetion between the flatcap en cd5x was clear to me. But how do I connect it to the NAC?
I am very sorry for my lake of information.

Many thanks! This the information what I have been looking for. Thanks both for taking time to reply.
Edit: is the interconnect cable from the NAC202 cd in to the flatcap or the cd5x :see_no_evil:


No problem. Good luck with your demo :+1:

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Mr James_n sorry for my hopefully last question. How do I get the audio signal from the CD5x to the NAC. I assume with the interconnect from NAC202 CD in to what?

Just use the standard DIN output socket on the CD5X


Once you have sound, please let us know how the step up is in your opinion. I have the Cd5i too and am eying the cd5x as well.

Yes I will. If I get sound :joy:. It will be Saturday probably.

Hi @Chielhierpuntnl. With a 202/200/HC (and NAPSC, presumably), I wonder if you should be looking at a CDX2, or CDX, as a better matched front end? Or CD5XS with a view to adding nDAC at some point. Just a thought.


Good point. A CDX2 is also very nice. I think that a CDX2 will cost a lot more. And an external power supply for the CDX2 much more. If I can find it. Because of limited budget it has to be pre owned.
But yes you might be right.

CD5X is pretty cool. CDX2 is higher up, beloved by many, but not by all. Go slow.



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After short demo I bought it. The instruments are even more seperated from each other. More detailed. But honest the CD5i does already a very good job but the cd5x with flatcap shows more control.
So yes a step up.
Hopfully this helps.


Nice to hear it’s a worthwhile upgrade to your CD5i, do you have it powering your Stageline too?

I have a CD5 and Stageline N and have been vaguely thinking about some sort of flatcap 2.

Not yet. I need a special snake for that as I have been reading above. And I also must look at a kind of plate that I can allign my record player. Or els the sound might be really bad.

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