How to connect Roon/ IPad /272/Tidal?

I am using 272 to run my Tidal library, the headache is 272 not equipped with Roon or MQA ready & I dare to use a computer in between earlier.

Well, 272 compatible with Tidal & Spotify but sounded a bit dull & too digital in a sense. Seems software Roon or Audirvana Plus could be a solution and wonder of how to connect Roon software/iPad (iTunes music library) /272 (Tidal) then play HiRes music ?

Thanks in advance :pray:

The 272 is not roon ready, so you need either a hardware or a hardware/software solution.
Plus you need a pc or nas to run roon itself and tell it where your music files are, and tell it your tidal Id and password.
Hardware equals Sonore microrendu as an example. Just buy it and set it up.
Or a raspberry pi with a digital output card (aka hat) attached, plus a software setup including roonbridge.
This has been covered in threads already.
If you want to do it cheaply and you are ok with setting up a raspberry pi, then this is a quick and good solution.

Thanks Robert.

I am not fond of doing the computer set up work but, would give it a try. Will check thru other thread & take it from there !


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