How to connect Sony UBP-X800M2 Blu-ray player to Naim Uniti Nova?

I have a nova, I just bought a sony UBP-X800M2 blueray player. I tryed to connect the audio to the naim by HDMI 2 and coaxial,but no sound comes out of the naim. Can Someone help me?

If I connect a dvd to the television i have sound from the TV and vision.
Playing a cd only works on the tv.( bad sound)


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Make sure output is PCM to Nova not DTS/Dolby Digital?

Thanks for your reactionI will check

The Nova uses a 2 channel DAC, not a multi-channel one, so it can’t decode a multi-channel bitstream. Make sure all digital audio settings on the TV and player are set to 2 channel PCM.

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This type of problem is quite frequent across a multitude of brands , in fact I had the same problem with my Pioneer universal player.

Usual problem is the player/source is sending out a 5 channel signal to a machine set up for two channel.

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Definitely make sure the output is set to PCM and/or 2 channel. Does the Nova have a HDMI input? If so, I’d recommend using a HDMI cable from the Sony’s HDMI2 (audio only) output.

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