How to connect subwoofer to HiCap DR

How do I connect a SVS SB-3000 to a hicap DR ?

Thanks in advance

With a 4 pin Din to RCA lead. Make sure it’s a subwoofer lead with the appropriate resistance to suit the Naim.

Which socket please ?
Never find a manual about the sockets 1 & 2 on hicap :thinking:

1, 2 or 3.

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The Hicap has one 240 degree DIN5 which is for signal and power, and then three DIN4s for signal. Any of the DIN4s will do here, although, as HH advises above, if you aren’t using the Naim subwoofer cable, you should keep cable capacitance as low as possible and it may be advisable to slug the cable with some resistance as the Hicap was never designed to drive long cables. FWIW, Naim used a 100R for their sub cable, which came in either a 5m or a 10m length.


Thanks to both of you for your support :grinning:

In my SN3/Hicap-DR/SB-3000 installation, is it better to connect the subwoofer to the PRE out of the SN3 or to the Hicap?

Why not use the dedicated sub out connection on the SN3. Saves you having to use ‘slugged’ cables as mentioned above.

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Yes, it’s indeed on the Sub out of the SN3 that I connected my subwoofer, my question is to know if I could gain in quality by connecting on the Hicap?


I had the same thought as Bandi92 , but with the cable constrain I’ll stick to XS2 sub out

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